Travel Reportage: Sentosa Island Singapore

8:33 AM

I was browsing through our pictures of our last full day in Singapore and realized that I held on to the camera for the entire day because I only have a handful of pictures (maybe about 5 the most). The Sentosa Island day was all about Christian and me behind the camera. I wish I took some videos but I guess I was just too shaken by the Mummy Ride that all I could muster after were a few clicks and flashes.

We started the day early, we did not even eat any food. After Christian's morning coffee, we went to the Raffles Station to transit to the Outram Park Station and then head to HarbourFront Station. There were still so many people even if it was a Tuesday. We decided to avoid the throngs of people going to Sentosa Island aboard the Sentosa Express and opted to use the Boardwalk. We had a leisurely walk although it was a very humid morning. It was just a little disappointing that not all travelators are working. Anyway, we got to enjoy the Boardwalk view and we only paid S$1 to get to the island.

The first order of the day was to go and enjoy Universal Studios as much as we can. There were no lines as we got to the place a little over 10AM already. Christian wasn't game to take pictures with Frankenstein and Kung Fu Panda with me so we hurriedly passed by the Hollywood area and went to experience the Crate Adventure.

The Crate Adventure is a river-boat ride inside a big make-shift ship with the characters of the movie Madagascar. In the same area, there is King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round (carousel). If you would like to buy souvenir items aside from the photos during the meet and greet, you can check the Penguins Mercantile wherein they sell keepsakes inspired by Madagascar characters. We had a picture with the Penguins but I didn't like it so I am not posting it. Themed restaurants are Marty’s Casa Del Wild (serves Southeast Asian favorites) and Gloria’s Snack Shack (serves Japanese rice bowls and seafood).

Probably the most popular among the visitors is the Far Far Away, not only because of the Far Far Away-kingdomlike atmosphere but due to the several attractions in the area. They have the Shrek 4-D adventure (which we enjoyed so much), Donkey Live (sing along with donkey in an interactive live show), Enchanted Airways (a roller coaster which we did not ride) and Magic Potion Spin (kiddie ferris wheel which we big people are not allowed). Inside the Shrek 4-D cinema you will see, hear and feel (spiders, mists, water and of course Donkey's sneeze). The story revolves around the revengeful ghost of Lord Farquaad. I enjoyed it just the same when I and Olive watched the show last year.

The Lost World houses the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Canopy Flyer (inverted roller coaster, I was scared that my shoe will fall off), Dino Soarin' (kiddie ride on a Pteranodon), Amber Rock Climb (you get to scale the walls and explore), and Waterworld (one of the BEST live shows I have ever seen in my whole life - it's like seeing the Kevin Costner movie in real life). We had our lunch at the Discovery Food Court. There was a giant Dino in the middle of the restaurant. Food was not cheap but the Chicken Rice was a hit for me. I am now craving for the soya milk I tasted there. Does anyone know where I can buy it here in the Philippines?

The Ancient Egypt has the Revenge of the Mummy Ride as it's frontrunner (you face warrior mummies in an indoor thriller roller coaster ride, fire bursts, crawling digital roaches and mists). I shouted in fear so much that Christian was all too worried I might just keel over and die on my seat. We did not try Treasure Hunters anymore because I was too shaken up by the previous ride. I felt like throwing up but I managed to hold it in and keep my poise. It was crazy seeing my picture with fear all written over my face. Hahaha! I just laugh about it now. By the way, because of the nature of the ride, everyone was required to leave any bag and camera in a free locker. It is available for 30 minutes. I am not kidding but I almost forgot my locker number after the ride (Christian had to remind me). In the same area, a souvenir shop and restaurant are available, kookily named as Carter’s Curiousities and Oasis Spice Cafe.

We only decided to ride the Transformers Ride at the SciFi City. Christian said I might finally die if we ride the huge-ass rollercoasters. It was our favorite ride amongst all the rides. I thought to myself we better not ride the Battlestar Galactica (Cyclon and Human) anymore as I might just finally give in to my tummy. We then headed to the New York Area to take in some sights and watch the Lights, Camera Action hosted by Steven Spielberg.

We then decided to take the Sentosa Express so we could go to Imbiah and take the Cable Car Ride to go back to HarbourFront Station. We were set to meet Amayah and Eddene at the Esplanade. We got back to our hotel and I had a warm bath to calm my still scared nerves. We really enjoyed our day. we had so much fun!

Have you been to the Universal Studios Singapore? What is your favorite ride?

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