Fresh Produce Clothing Review

12:00 AM

I was recently contacted by a US brand, Fresh Produce, to introduce their brand to me and offer an item of my choice to review from their website and then they will ship it to me when I tell them which one I like. Fresh Produce is co-founded and still run by a mom entrepreneur, Mary Ellen Veron and is primarily made in the USA. The clothing is available in more than 500 specialty retailers throughout the US, Canada, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

The brand has a wide array of clothes that looked very comfortable and colorful. The one thing that caught my attention is the dye used to manufacture the clothes. According to their website: "Garment Dye is the process that makes Fresh Produce clothing look and feel sun washed and beach worn. They sew up the style and dip it in a big vat of Fresh Produce color. The process requires heat so all of the garment dyed clothing is pre-shrunk, soft and fabulous! This is also why size specifications can be slightly different". No two items are exactly alike! How cool is that?

I sent them a reply and told them that I would be more than happy to receive the item that I will choose and review it so I can share to my readers. I chose the black twisted front dress which retails for US$79. It is made of 92% rayon and 8% lycra with 3/4 sleeves. I chose it because it looked  comfy and I can wear it to work too. I chose a medium size but turned out it was still a little loose for me which flattered me big time. I like clothes when I can fit in a medium size (like the local brand Kamiseta). I wore it to work and as expected, I found it to be very comfortable and the garment is really soft. I think I can dress this down too so it can form part of my travel fashion when I travel to KL again in July.

After work, Uncle Don and I decided to have coffee in Starbucks 6750. On our way, I thought to have my picture taken wearing the twist front dress from Fresh Produce. Pardon the lousy pose as I am not of them fashion bloggers. 

If you are looking for comfy  cruise wear  for women they have plenty to choose from along with casual tops and women's tops and for those non North Americans they have a sizing chart too, I always worry about ordering from the States because of the sizing. I am glad I chose medium and not large. I gained so much weight the past few months and i am still trying to lose it. Fresh Produce ships to over 200 countries and they have an $8 flat rate for those in the United States (additional payment if you want your orders expedited). Oh yes, they also have soft colorful scarves in different designs as well as dresses for little girls. I am sure kids would love the softness of the cloth used.

Disclosure: Fresh Produce provided me with a dress for the purposes of writing this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own and without influence by Fresh Produce.

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