Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

7:00 AM

"Your home, your imagination." - I can only agree with this statement. When Christian was here in the Philippines, part of our itinerary was to shop for furniture for our future home. We shopped online and in actual stores. We were astounded with the myriad of choices that we ended up buying nothing but we definitely have listed the items that topped our list. What was noteworthy about our shopping trip was the quality, look and feel of the furniture pieces manufactured by Mandaue Foam. They have so many options to choose from: beds, sofas, chairs, frames, decors, book cases, among others.

Our first consideration was to buy a bed that is big enough for the both of us. And we found the Astoria Bed with 2 Night Stand to be the perfect bed in our future bedroom. It looks classic and sturdy. It looks elegant too. For a retail price of Php23,000 (King-size), I think this is a steal. Don't you think?

Another stunner that we saw is this Monalisa Classical Sofa that is sold for Php24,000 (two-seater). This will be a perfect addition to our living room. It looks undeniably elegant and a nice nook to be cozy at. I like the royalty-effect it has and it's design just speaks of class and finesse. The workmanship is very evident in this piece.

One thing that is missing in my apartment now is an ottoman so when I saw the Vince Ottoman my heart skipped a beat. I really really loved it. This quilted gray ottoman is just the right size for me and a steal at Php6,000.

If that was not enough to entice you to check out their catalog, watch this video:

Will you be trooping to a Mandaue Foam store nearest you now?

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