Malaysia Chronicles

5:55 PM

It has been more than a week since I came back from my trip to Malaysia with my fiance. We sure had so much fun, shared many memories and went back to our hotel every night with a pair of tired feet but with big smiles on our faces. Between stuffing myself with whatever interesting Malaysian food I can find and Christian sticking to anything pork or chicken dish he can try, we still managed to snap some photos. Okay, I am partly lying because I didn't stick to just the interesting food, I contented myself with a plate of char kway teow every time a restaurant's menu has it. I am craving for it again but that needs another blog post. I will be sharing some photos now and I will share some more detailed stories of our trip and maybe even some travel guide in my next posts. Meanwhile, have a peep at our wonderful trip...




Of course, we had to do some touristy stuff and carry the Kuala Lumpur map everywhere we go. We did not follow the itinerary I created because the weather shifted from rainy to sunny in a snap of a finger. So apart from the map and fiance's backpack full of water and my extra shoes or flip flops, we also had to carry an umbrella.

It was my third trip back to Malaysia and Christian's first. I still had a good time and felt more at ease because I am more familiar with street names and train station stops and mall entrances and exits and all that stuff. But still the best part of the trip is the realization that really it's a big world out there and that everyone should travel to appreciate life more.

More pictures and stories soon...

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