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2:16 PM

I got home safely a couple of hours ago after being stuck at work for more than 16 hours. Yes, I left early yesterday so that I will not be suffering the downpour on my way to work and hoping that when my shift is over, the rains have let up already. But no! I was wrong. It's still raining until now. My heart goes out to all who are stranded outside and to those who have lost not just their material possessions but their loved ones as well. Although I had a hard time getting a taxi, I still feel lucky that I am in the comforts of my own home now. I would like to thank with all my heart the driver of UVT901 taxi for being the only one who agreed to drop me off at the corner of South SuperHighway and Buendia. I did not let him pass through and drop me off in front of my house because the water was still knee deep. Good thing, a tricycle driver was there and so I got a ride home. I am so grateful for this series of fortunate events amidst the turmoil that was brought about by the monsoon rains.

I am also relieved to know that our government has suspended all operations in both public and private offices (BPO companies included). If you or any of your family members and friends needed to contact relatives and friends among others or if you want to reach out the hotline numbers of government agencies/institutions, please see below:

For emergency situations, you may call:

National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) - (02) 911-1406/911-1873/911-1906
Meralco - 16211/16220/09175592824/09209292824
Manila Water - 1627
Maynilad - 1626
For rubber boat- National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) - (02) 8383203/8383354
For rescue dump trucks, text - 09174226800/09276751981
Philippine Coast Guard - (02) 527-3877, (02) 527-8481, 0917-724-3682, 0917-PCG-DOTC
Skyway System Hotline - (02) 776-7777, 0915-6256231, 0939-5006910
Quezon City Rescue - (02) 927-5914
Quezon City General Hospital - (02) 920-5002
Marikina Rescue - (02) 646-2436
Pasig Rescue - (02) 631-0099
Taguig Emergency Hotline - 1623
Manila Traffic Hotline – (02) 527-3087
Cainta Traffic Hotline – (02) 646-0044, 655-7368 loc. 164
Las Piñas Traffic – (02) 874-5756, 874-3957, 874-3927
Mandaluyong Hotline – 534-2993
Taguig Traffic – (02) 838-4301 loc. 7112
Marikina STOC – (02) 646-1651
Pasig Traffic – (02) 643-0000, 724-5813
Makati Public Safety Dept – (02) 844-3146, 819-3270

You may also follow these Twitter accounts for some real-time weather and road condition update:


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