Happiness and Washi Tapes

8:00 AM

The things that make me happy lately are trivial. Gone are the days when I have to be spoiled silly to be happy. I can be happy with a simple "thank you" from someone I helped. I am happy catching up with friends over coffee and endless stories and inside jokes. I am happy when the water isn't too cold under the shower (yes, I don't have a heater, might need to get one soon). Taking a cab with a driver that's not grumpy make me happy too. Oh and yes, just lately I found a local online store (Hey Kessy) that sells washi tapes, baker's twines, stickers and paper straws. Every friend I tell about the store often thinks it is my store (Kessa/Kessy get it?). Finding them is such a happy discovery.

I really wish I could have my own arts and crafts materials store too but for now, I am happy to settle as a consumer. Take a peep at my growing stash of washi tapes:

Washi tapes (also called tissue tape or paper tape) are a big craze to crafters right now. For starters, “washi Tape” originally came from Japan. It is a paper tape that comes in pretty colors and patterns (floral, stripes, dots, illustrations, handwriting, etc). It comes on a roll like regular sticky tape and is often translucent and since it is paper you can even write on it. You can find it in different sizes and what I like about it is that you can easily reposition it even after sticking it to one surface already.

Did I whet your curiosity? Go get yourself some and get crafty.

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