My Living Room Needs Some Mandaue Foam

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When I read the Nuffnang update that Mandaue Foam will be partnering with them to sponsor the VIP movie screening of the movie The Bourne Legacy which was for all its worth partially shot in the Philippines, I had a hard time piecing the relevance. Then it dawned on me that Mandaue Foam is a proudly Philippine-made brand with products that are world-class with excellent craftsmanship and quality. It’s the same in a way with the movie wherein some scenes were shot in Metro Manila and Palawan and the country will be showcased to the rest of the world. It may not be the exact reason or there’s just no reason behind it but both the movie and Mandaue Foam is something that woke up my pride as a Filipino. I am proud because the country’s products, places, people and passion are something that we can be most proud of.

I've been living independently for several years now. I moved to my current apartment last 2009 with friends from work. There were originally four of us and at present there's just me and my uncle. One of my housemates moved to Singapore and the other one moved to Pasig which is nearer her new job.

My apartment now has the basic necessities to say the least. There's a medium-sized fridge, a 6-seater dining table, two rooms and a 5-year old stinky sofa bed. Haha! I kid you not. I think it still exists now because I religiously shower it with linen spray. Yes, without the linen spray I could not even imagine how it would smell like. I don't want to throw it away as well because without it then we will all be sitting on the floor. So yeah, it's one of the main reasons why I am ashamed to invite people at home although I love entertaining a lot. When a few of my friends surprised me on one of my birthdays, I didn't have a choice but to welcome them in and have everyone sit themselves on the sofa, the floor and the plastic chairs that adorn my almost bare apartment.

It could have been more fun if everyone had a chance to sit in a comfortable couch. 

I've also been in a phase in my life where furnishing my apartment is not my main priority because I have been too busy at work and staying at home was not the norm anymore. Such that I could not entertain comfortably at home, I would rather meet friends outside to save myself from embarrassment. Lately though I have been fervently hoping that I will be able to find the perfect living room sofa for the longest time. I have been frequenting furniture displays in malls and showrooms. There are a myriad of choices out there but I have never seen the one that I think would deserve to replace the memories shared and collected by the 5-year old stinky sofa at home. You get the idea? I want a new one that would be worth the 5-year memories before I say goodbye to it and just let go.

My mother and father will be visiting me from our province next month and I think it would be an awesome surprise for them to see the sofa in the living room of my apartment. They will be here to celebrate dad’s birthday on the 10th and mom on the 17th and of course we will celebrate my fiance’s birthday on the 18th through Skype. He is currently overseas and I could not wait when he can be here in the Philippines for longer periods of time. I know my current family and my future family will surely share loads of memories nestled in the comforting arms of the Mandaue Foam sofa and of course the reclining chair. Yes, all proudly crafted by skillful Filipino hands and design genius.

Now that I am about to enter a new phase in my life, I'm getting married this October, I wish to furnish my space with decent furniture. I would love to add a comfortable seating space for me, my future husband and our future visitors. I think that would be awesome. With my sofa search, I had my eyes set on Mandaue Foam's Erica 32, a fully upholstered sofa with metal and tapered mahogany legs. I think it would look perfect in my living room. I think it would be the best gift that I could give my future husband when he enters my apartment that will be our future apartment to start our lives together. Oh, did I mention he is a couch potato? Hehehe! I'm sure he will have a wonderful time lounging in it. Indeed, my living room needs some Mandaue Foam. It needs a reassuring space of comfort. A place to lounge at the end of the day. A place to cuddle while watching our favorite shows on the television. 

This is the sofa on display at the VIP screening of The Bourne Legacy at Shang Cineplex sponsored by Mandaue Foam and Nuffnang Philippines. 

"A house is not a home until there's Mandaue Foam."

Imagine my glee when last weekend, Nuffnang announced that Mandaue Foam will be giving the living room set and the recliner displayed outside the theater to one lucky Nuffnanger who attended the VIP screening of The Bourne Legacy?

"I hope my wish will be granted! This will be an ultimate surprise and will be an awesome piece to furnish our  nest." 

NOTE: There are over a hundred sofa designs and style available at all Mandaue Foam stores nationwide. More new sofa innovations are also introduced every 2-3 months. Proudly Philippine-made. Mandaue Foam also offers customization. You can design your own sofa and they will build it just the way you like it all over its 17 stores nationwide.

Cebu-Crafted, A Nationwide Brand

Mandaue Foam is truly a Filipino brand that manufactures quality furniture. I love the latest advertisement because it speaks to me in volumes. I can truly relate to the importance of furnishing a home to start the married life. Thank you to the innovative minds in Mandaue Foam that brought these service and selection of products to every Filipino household that is truly world-class. This is something that all of us Filipinos can be very proud of. I could not wait to wow my guests when they see the couch and the reclining chair in our living room. It would really be monumental and a salient piece as we build our family.

I can still imagine the very first time they visited me when I was still working in Cebu City and stayed in an apartment in Banilad. My mom who’s a staunch believer of comfort literally dragged me to Mandaue Foam Banilad so we can buy a nice comfy bed for me. When I quit my job in Cebu I had to give it away to a friend who I have lost contact with already. The last time I heard she was in Naga in Cebu Province.

Your Home, Your Imagination

Like what I shared before, when Christian was here in the Philippines, part of our itinerary was to shop for furniture for our future home. We shopped online and in actual stores. We were astounded with the myriad of choices that we ended up buying nothing but we definitely have listed the items that topped our list. What was noteworthy about our shopping trip was the quality, look and feel of the furniture pieces manufactured by Mandaue Foam. They have so many options to choose from: beds, sofas, chairs, frames, decors, book cases, among others. Mandaue Foam is a company that does not impose a limit and would cater to your needs with your imagination in consideration.

I may not have a heartbreaking and tearjerker of a story to tell but I know that I indeed deserve these pieces of furniture because I have waited 30 years to finally be with the man that I will be with for the rest of my life. The only thing that I can wish for is a comfortable set of couch or a reclining chair that he can relax in after a hard day’s work. And of course, when he has to go back to work again, it is a place where I can rest and dream for more wonderful memories to happen. And after that is said and done, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, being cocooned in the soft cushion of the couch and the chair will be our little piece of heaven on earth. Just like the newlywed in Mandaue Foam's TVC, I hope we can have a beautiful starter home like theirs too. 

Oh by the way, as Mandaue Foam celebrates its 41 years in making furniture, they want to treat everyone to up to 40% discount on all regular items. Isn’t that a very exciting news? This is perfect timing as I complete my list of the needed furniture in our starter home. Head on over to the nearest Mandaue Foam branch in your area to avail of the discounted prices from August 23 to September 2. Here’s a complete listing of the branches.

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