Oh Hello There Mr. Sunshine

11:00 AM

I was scared hearing all the thunderstorms last night but felt so relieved when I walked out of the office and the hot sun kissed my cheeks hello. After a very rainy first week of August, today being a sunny day is such a relief. Thank heavens for giving us breathing room before the rains come pitter-patter once more.

I am going through a roller coaster of emotions these past few days and I am more than ecstatic that the weather is not fueling it. The sun just seems to fizzle away the negativity around me and banishes every single sad cell inside of me.

The smile across her face is reflected in her eyes,
This happiness she has, it’s not a lie.
If she could, she would scream and jump for joy,
But this happiness isn’t coming from a toy.
Her cheeks hurt for smiling so long,
I think she might start to sing a song.
A song about true happiness,
A feeling that she found in her heart.
This happiness, she wants everyone to be apart of.
This happiness is never to be taken away,
She wants it so badly to stay.
For all her life she’s been sad and lonely,
But she finally found a cure,
So please don’t ruin it for her.
-a poem written by Gabby Bolduc

I wish everyone happiness, love and a whole lot of sunshine!

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