Seven Falls ZipLine In Lake Sebu South Cotabato

12:01 AM

Two years after the famed zip line of South Cotabato opened to the public, I finally got to try it. The zip line features a thrilling distance of 740 and 400 meters. I was super scared but I braved it just to say I tried it. The zip lines are in the town of Lake Sebu which is famous for its lakes. It is one of the top tourism destinations in Southern Mindanao. I am glad that the government is doing something to promote tourism in this sleepy little town. 

Before we went to try the zip lines, we trekked to the location of the first waterfall which the locals named as Hikong Alu (means Passage in the local dialect T'boli). The pathways have concrete blocks to prevent tourists from accidentally slipping because the area can get a little wet from the water gushing from the waterfall. 

This picture does not give justice to how imposing this natural waterfall looks for real. We both were stunned as we just stand on the banks listening to the gushing of the water. Nature never cease to amaze me!

We paid Php250 (around $5.50) each to ride the zip line. Until now I still could not believe that I finally tried it...twice. We went there a couple of days before our wedding and three days after the wedding. You have to sign a waiver before you can try this thrilling and at the same time scenic ride. Christian and I decided to do it together so we still have each other if the lines snap. Hahaha!

I probably held my breathe until we were released. I could not accurately describe how I felt as we slowly inch toward the cliff where you can see the second waterfall which the locals call Hikong Bente (which means immeasurable). 

After the first league of the zipline, my heart was racing and at the same time feeling rather more excited than scared. It was an amazing feeling. You have got to try it too. And if that wasn't convincing enough, here are some pictures of what you will see while suspended approximately 200 meters above the lush forest of Lake Sebu:

I'm sure I saw at least two rainbows but aren't visible in the pictures we took. The first point (where we took off) to the second point was around 700 meters. We then had to walk a few steps to the second take-off point for the second league of the ride where a 400-meter zip line awaits.

Falls 3 was named Hikong B'lebel or Zigzag/Coil while Falls 4 was named Hikong Lowig or Booth. The fifth falls is Hikong Ukol or Wild Flower. I was not able to see the 6th falls (Hikong K'fo-l which means Short) and the 7th falls (Hikong Tonok which means Soil) because they were very far from where the ziplines were. 

It was an amazing experience and we cannot wait to go back.

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