Finding Mr. Right

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Finding Mr. Right is never the same as Finding Mr. Right Now. I think I do have a little authority to share what I have done in my quest to Finding Mr. Right because I did find my very own Mr. Right and I am happily married to him now. This article is written by someone who at some point in her life has almost resigned to not being able to find the right one this lifetime. I did not panic nor succumbed into a state of depression. The best thing that I did was to cast all my cares and my hopes and wishes to God and let him take the wheel in this part of my life where I basically took charge right from when puppy love has hit me. 

When I was younger, I was stubborn, I was reckless. I only thought of the fleeting happiness that an adventurous relationship provides. I'd skip some of my classes in school, I'd feign sickness to just be with someone. Looking back, there are actions that I wish I have not done and there are decisions I wish I did not do. When I turned 28 and found myself in a relationship hell, I began asking myself if I did deserve to be in one. The answer was no and that realization only came after so much heartache and wrong turns. I guess in my younger years, I was inlove with being in love. I am moving from one failed relationship to another in the hopes to finally find Mr. Right. Big mistake... 

1. Stop looking for someone to love you and find the one that is going to treat you right, respects you. 

I was once a believer of love at first sight but yes I can tell you now that it does not happen to everyone and may even be untrue. Take some time to get to know a guy and only agree to be in a relationship with that person when you have seen how he treats the girls in his life because then you would know how he will treat you too. If he hangs up the phone when his mom calls, he would most probably do it to you too at some point. If he forgets to pick up his younger sister from school, he would forget about a dinner date with you too. 

2. When you stop trying to find the right man and start becoming the right woman, the right man will find his way to you. 

The most important thing is to be Ms. Right yourself. You have to be interesting if you are boring. You have to be loving if you are hateful. You have to have a good heart if you are deceitful. You have to generous if you are selfish. Yes, no one is perfect but you can always work hard to become a better person. Love yourself first and when you can love yourself, other people will begin to love you as well. Stop insisting that you can be yourself and your flaws and that someone will just eventually fall for you. Wrong! You can do things to make yourself more lovable and you are doing yourself a favor as well for being a more well-rounded person. No man, no matter how right is going to make you a better person. 

3. Finding love is like finding the perfect pair of shoes. 

Do not just settle for a good-looking pair. You have to make sure that you find what will be most comfortable for you. This is true in terms of sharing the same ideals, sharing the same values and opinions. Comfort does not mean being in a perfect relationship because truth be told there will be trials and there will be hardships. You will not just toss a perfect pair of shoe that was once comfortable because you got a blister right? 

4. Know what you are looking for in a man.

Write all the characteristics you are looking for in a man in a piece of paper and be specific. Pray for it. Do not settle for anything less than your list. Of course, you have to be reasonable too. Keep in mind that ultimately what you choose today will be what you will get later. Life will never hand everything to you in a silver platter. I dare say you have to be realistic as well. 

5. Go out and explore. Don't ditch the internet (he may be in there somewhere-like mine was). 

I have never really enjoyed the night life so meeting someone who enjoys such life is not my thing. When I do go out I do not expect to find my Mr. Right in bars and the party scene. So when you do go out to find Mr. Right, go to places that interests you the most or where you think you would share the same passion with someone is lurking. If you are a foodie, go to food bazaars or to weekend markets. If you love photography, attend photography classes. I practically live in the internet when I am not busy with work and other personal errands. So guess where I found my Mr. Right? I found him in the internet. We practically talked about everything about our lives before we met and now we are married and still truly, madly, deeply in love with each other. 

6. Be patient, be very patient. You can never hurry love.

If you need me to explain this, leave a comment  so we can talk about it. 

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