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Let me tell you a little secret... 

My husband and I decided that we will open a joint Youtube account and post videos that we can share to each other (but not necessarily to the rest of the world yet). He has uploaded quite a few which showed how his family celebrated the holidays especially Christmas. He has also shown me a tour of his house and their  farm which I find very amusing (I gave him an A for effort). I would love to share it too but my husband is a little too shy for that. He is using the Canon Powershot S100 which I gave to him after our wedding. The video and sound quality was really good so I thought of buying one for myself too. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to find the same model so I decided to get a Nikon D7000 instead. However, my sense of reason convinced me not to buy a "bigger-than-my-hands" camera instead settle for a lighter compact one. So yes, I got myself a Canon Powershot S110 based on the reviews that I have read. I might buy the Nikon camera on my birthday or maybe not anymore. 

I will try to vlog as well but I am not sure yet if I will post it publicly. I know my life has been out there the past few years but I don't think I have enough audacity to let you in on my daily life through videos. I don't think I am ready as well for bullying (i.e. negative comments on Youtube among others). 

I decided to buy the camera because of a review I read online. According to Mario Aguilar, the Canon Powershot S110 is the best camera that you can fit in your pocket. Who would not want that right? I guess I just got tired of carrying my Panasonic Lumix camera which takes more than half the space inside my purse. I need something portable and compact right now without sacrificing image quality. This may not be a zoom camera but the reviews were enough for me to switch. 

What's so cool about this camera? 

1. It is a touch screen camera. 
2. It is so light and thin that you can put it inside your jeans pocket. Trust me on this. 
3. It is a Wi-Fi camera. It can upload pictures and videos to social media and file transfer between the camera and a phone, tablet and computer. How cool is that? I have yet to test this though. Although I think I would not really be using this too much. 
4. The ISO setting is set at 12,800. Photos taken at ISO 3200 have little to no noticeable noise at all. 
5. The night setting is awesome. I can't wait to share a picture with you. 
6. The camera allows its users to edit the photo inside the camera. 
7. The camera shots at 1920x1080 HD video. This would be perfect for vlogging.
8. Need I mention that this is made in Japan too? 

Canon Powershot S110 Key Features

12MP 1/1.7" Canon CMOS sensor
24-120mm equivalent F2.0-5.9 lens, 4-stop "intelligent IS"
DIGIC 5 processor
ISO 80-12800
Touch-sensitive 3" 460K dot Purecolor II G screen
Built-in WiFi
RAW format recording
Built-in 3-stop neutral density filter

Warning: Don't buy this camera if you have large hands. Some of the features may mean much trouble to you if  you do. 

I am really happy that I got this camera. This will be used (and maybe abused) to test its functionality. I also got my sister a new camera for her birthday. I got her a Sony Cybershot DSC-W630. I hope she likes it.

UPDATE: This camera conked out on me during our Denmark Vacation - October 2015 because of lens error. The lens won't retract anymore and I decided to just give it up instead of getting it fixed. 

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