Roses Are Red, Lilies Are Yellow, Life Is Sweet Too

10:15 PM

This week passed by like a big blab of blur. I can't believe that in a couple of hours it will be Monday again. I look forward to Sunday and Monday morning as it is the only mornings that I could squeeze decent outdoor runs which I could not normally do on Tuesday until Saturday mornings because I work on the night shift. Fine! It is possible but I just feel like I would be punishing myself if I still run outdoors and get stuck in traffic on my way home. 

In between work and sleep, I have nothing else to do but prepare my smoothies, watch workout videos for inspiration, watch TV and miss my husband every waking minute that passes by. It's been almost four months since we last saw each other and I am now so unbelievably anxious to see him again. We're planning an extension of our honeymoon and we still have not decided where to go. I'm thinking it would be best to not go out of the country anymore because we need some budget to spare to pimp our bedroom. 

So the Valentines week is over as I type this.  I did not have a date because my husband is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or maybe somewhere in the Meditteranean Sea. The oil/chemical tanker he is in now is en route to Egypt. They might be staying in Alexandria for a little over a week and then they will go to another location again, maybe somewhere in Africa this time. Yes, my husband is an officer in a Danish ship and living away from each other will be the norm in our relationship in the next years to come. 

It's not going to be really easy but when I married him I knew we are going to live our lives this way. He will for sure miss some birthdays, anniversaries, one too many Christmases and New Years as well as family reunions and maybe someday soon some PTA meetings. I appreciate the fact that even my husband is in the middle of the ocean, he was still able to buy me flowers and make me feel loved and cared for. He got me two bouquets and when I got home I deconstructed and put all the flowers and greens in one case. 

Before the Valentines day ended, I received an email from Tecson Flowers informing me that because I shared their Valentine promo to my Facebook wall, they will be sending me a bouquet of flowers too. Lucky! 

Oh and yes, I also received the photobook that I ordered from Photobook Philippines. I designed the album myself and I really liked how the finished product looked like. I just wish I ordered the one with a hard cover instead of the soft cover though. 

And then Saturday came and I...


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