I Am Going Out To Vote

11:16 PM

Along with millions of other registered voters of the Philippines, I am going to cast my vote. I am proud to say that no one has influenced me in my choices. I am proud to say that I am not voting someone because of the geographical location he or she is from. I am proud to say that I am voting because now I am convicted to at least effect change in my country in my own little way. 

Yes, tomorrow I will vote for the first time. I guess I got tired just paying my tax and I feel that I could do more than just paying my tax religiously. I need to choose the people who will rightfully represent me in any government seat that needs representation. I need to be part of the election that is synonymous to the organized chaos that happens in the Philippines. All I hope for is a safe and violence-free election and that only those who deserve a seat will win and become victorious. 

I want to share who I am going to vote for senators: (not in order of preference) 

I know that not all I am voting for will win but still I am hoping for the best. I am hoping that the Philippines and its citizens will see the day when corruption will just be a thing of the past. As my husband, a Danish citizen is so passionate of settling here in the Philippines and always so proudly declares that he is half-Filipino after he married me, always says that my country still has hope because it is teeming with wonderful people who can all collectively rescue it from the pitfalls of greed and personal political agenda. 

I will not vote for Binay for mayor here in Makati. First, the flooding problem is still unresolved until now. Second, I sent him an email around 3 years ago requesting for a streetlamp to be installed near the bridge where I always wait for transportation when I used to go to work at 3AM and until now I have not received a reply. I am still choosing who among the senators I will vote for. I still have a few hours before the polling precincts open so I hope I will make the right choice. 

All the best Philippines! Onward, forward! 

Update (6PM May 13): I added Grace Poe and Ramon Magsaysay Jr in the 11th and 12th spot.

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