Happy Dad's Day

11:03 AM

I'm celebrating my birthday a day early this year so I decided to bake a blue cake just in time for father's day as well. I made Blue Velvet Cake with Blueberry Jam Filling and Fresh Blueberry Topping with Cream Cheese Frosting. My cream cheese frosting melted a little bit because it's just too hot in the kitchen. I blasted the temperature of the fridge to get the consistency I want and I managed to pipe in some roses on the side of the cake. I think it came out good to say the least (not an expert piper here). 

I made the cake from scratch so extra pats on my back for not relying on a box of cake mix. The cake came out of the oven moist and velvety. It was a little weird at first because I felt like I was a smurfette baking for Papa Smurf but after dotting the cake with crumbs and fresh blueberries and sugar flowers I felt so proud of my creation. Yes, it is not the best out there but I think it could pass off as something really lovely to look at and really worth it to indulge on.  I'm sure my hubby and dad are so proud of me now. Haha! 

I'm planning to practice some more so I can make really good cakes when my husband comes home again from his stint at sea. I can't wait to play wife all over again. 

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