My Glad To Be Globe Story

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October 23, 2012 - Ecuadorian roses bouquet still in Manila. Mani/Pedi session with my friends and fiance. Final meeting with all our wedding suppliers. Final appointment with the roasted pork supplier. Ahhhh, the stress of wedding preps. I admit I did try to micromanage everything (even if we already hired a wedding coordinator/planner) and I was only able to let go of everything after the rehearsal dinner. After dinner, I started finalizing my vows and started responding to well wishes from friends and family. I went to bed with a smile on my face and a heart that was so happy and excited (I'm just surprised it didn't burst). 

October 24, 2012 - I woke up to a gloomy morning. My heart sank but still I remained hopeful that the sun will shine and give us a wonderful day. I tuned in to the news only to see this: 

What will you do if you were me? What can one do when the weather isn't cooperating? Everyone I talked to on that day reassured me that every drop of rain means showers of blessings (although I could tell they were wishing that it was sunny too). Some even asked me if I offered eggs to the fair weather saint, Santa Clara but lo and behold I didn't because I am not the superstitious kind. I knew the storm wouldn't let up so I just silently prayed that the wedding will be successful and that all suppliers will deliver as agreed upon in our contracts and guests will arrive safely.

Rain, rain go away...

At 830AM, the videographers arrived and started shooting some sequences for the onsite video. They used my wedding shoes and my husband's shoes to film the first few sequences. After a few minutes, the make-up artist arrived as well. I was super giddy at that point and momentarily forgot that the rains has overshadowed the sun that day. While everything was in motion and time was smoothly running by in the midst of the organize chaos inside our hotel suite, I was informed that my wedding shoes was nowhere to be found.The videographers were shooting a scene in the elevator and a guest from another floor of the hotel took it. Good thing the CCTV captured the incident. They were able to retrieve the pink shoes after more than an hour of going through the CCTV footage.

While they were going through the footage, I was on my phone talking to our lawyer friend about the options that we have including but not limited to the liability of the people involved, the hotel security, and that stuff. I could only be thankful that my shoes were found and I didn't have to walk barefoot to the altar.

While we were all busy preparing, Typhoon Ofel was devastating General Santos City with its strong winds and heavy downpour. Next thing we all knew, the city was already flooded. After lunch, I started to get so nervous because the rain would not let up. The florist called me and asked if it's okay to move the ceremony indoors instead of the garden. My heart sank again. All these planning was ruined by the rain. At that point, I really did not want to be stressed and the most important thing is that the wedding will push through no matter what. I seriously prepared myself for the worst.

Globe also bridged the communication between me, the wedding coordinator and some of our guests. Some of our guests who were flying in from other parts of the country were not able to land at the General Santos airport because it was zero visibility. My boss was even rerouted to Davao and then to Cebu because of this weather disturbance. It was indeed a day to remember! Who wouldn't?

Through all these ordeal, typhoon and all, instant decision making, execution of back-up plans among other things, I am glad that I have a Globe postpaid subscription. I never ran out of load and I had clear reception that kept me sane in one of the most memorable moments of my life. Thank you Globe for being there while I was planning my wedding (communicating with suppliers while I was in Manila and they were in General Santos City and other parts of the country).

October 24 came and pass and with it came the memories of the wedding, the typhoon and the love that withstood the stormy weather. 

A week after our wedding, my husband had to leave for work overseas. I decided to apply for the Globe Tattoo Broadband connection so we can continue our constant communication. Globe is such a big part of our lives before and after our wedding day. No matter the distance, my husband can call me anytime through my Globe postpaid mobile phone, Globe landline, or through Skype when I am connected to my Globe broadband connection. It's overwhelming that Globe can make things possible!

Post Script: A few weeks before our wedding, I left my Globe BlackBerry in a coffee shop in Glorietta 5. I never retrieved the phone back again. I called Globe and I can only be thankful that they offered early recontracting for my postpaid subscription. The offer definitely saved my sanity because I used my Globe number for my wedding RSVP. Oh, what would I have done without Globe?

I have been a postpaid subscriber of Globe since 2006. I cancelled that line and applied for a new line in 2010. I renewed my plan in 2012 and reapplied for 2 additional postpaid lines which my mom and sis use now. I also applied for a broadband connection in 2012. I'm a happy camper!!!

This is my entry to the Nuffnang and Glad to be Globe contest.

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