11:42 PM

Merry Christmas from cold and windy Denmark!!! Yes, no snow yet! Everyone in the family are saying that it could have been nice if there's snow this year so I could have experienced it. Last year, it snowed for almost 6 months so I guess this year all I will ever get will be the cold air on my face and the winds too. I am not complaining though, this is a far cry from the humid temperature of Manila. 

I am now on my 3rd day in Denmark and I have been battling jetlag like a pro. I still go to bed early though and wake up before the sun (if it shows) is up. My usual sleeping time is 8PM (my mom would love me for this) and waking time is 6AM (too early!). I would then turn on the treadmill and get moving for a good 30 minutes or so.  Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to show you any OOTD outfits I bought from my latest shopping sprees or the online shopping I managed to squeeze in while still in the Philippines through Zalora but to show you the amazing wonders of nature - snow in the mountains near Iraq and Turkey. 

I was still half-awake when I saw these outside my airplane window and my jaw dropped. I had to nudge my husband beside to look out the window as well so he will not miss the beautiful scene. Based on my little research, most of the pictures I have taken are in the Van Province of Eastern Turkey. 

I will post more pictures of this very nice landscape when I get a chance to access wifi. I am on a wired connection now and all I can share are the pictures from my point and shoot camera. I will also post pictures from our activities here in Denmark (particularly in Hillerød) soon. I am running low on battery now so until my next post. 

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