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I would like to confess... I have a problem - well, sort of! If I get lucky with the help of how tediously I prepared all the necessary documents aka visa requirements, I will be granted a Schengen visa and I will be in snowy Europe two weeks from now. How exciting is that? 

Me: "Can we build a snowman?" 

Christian: "Of course, we can. You can for sure!" 

Me: "Oh yeah, I will make one and sing "Do you want to build a snowman?

This is where I am going to build my first snowman. Thick thick snow! 

But before all these daydreaming about building a snowman and maybe making snow angels too, I wanted to share how I plan to build my winter wardrobe. Oh yes, it is my first time to be in Europe and I am engulfed by excitement and nervousness (panic attack might ensue any day soon). For starters, I don't have a single winter-worthy item in my closet (except the scarves). I don't even have a single thermal undergarment. I am starting from scratch and slowly building the layers literally.

I have started to buy a few essential items, the small ones, I plan to buy the big ticket items a day before our flight and when we get to Copenhagen.

Winter Basics

Heavy Sweater 
Look for a sweater that is both comfortable and stylish and made of thick material that will warm you up. If possible, buy the knitted ones - perfect for sweater weather. 

White Cable Knit Sweater / All About Knitting / Glam Bistro

Cashmere Hoodie 
This fits like your favorite hoodie but a lot comfier and more luxurious. 

Fashion Cashmere Hoodie / Ann Taylor Hoodie / J. Crew Pink Cashmere Hoodie

Dark Jeans or Leggings 
Closet staple and could be very well your bestfriend to fight the biting cold. I love the variety of choices for dark jeans and leggings these days. When I say dark though, I do not mean just plain old noir. Indulge in yummy dark-colored pieces as well. Break the fashion rule of thumb sometimes...

Dark Jeggings / Colorful Jeans / Dark Jeans

Down Vest
This is designed to be worn any given winter day (even autumn) as it brings extra warmth during unpredictable weather. 

Roxy Down Vest / Fashion Down Vest / Insulated Down Vest

Winter Coat 
This is usually the outermost layer in your layered outfit.It should be loose yet comfortable and made with faux fur or wool. 

ASOS Winter Staples

Thermal Undergarments
This is every winter fashionistas saving grace. There are a variety of thermal undergarments available in shopping racks and you just have to choose the one that will provide the best warming capacity for the winter season. 

Thick Sock/Thick Gloves/Ear Muffs/Beanie 
These may be the smallest component of your wardrobe but they are still essential. Trust me when I say you gotta get these in your list. 

Winter Boots
Walk, skip, hop and run on snow and keep your footsies warm and toasty. Pick shoes that will provide comfort and never sacrifice style.  

J'Adore Fashion Blog

Shopping is going to be a lot of fun for sure... Let me know if I missed any and leave a comment if you have any advice on how I can build my winter wardrobe. Mange tak!

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