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It is an established truth that women love to shop and I am not an exception to the rule. Oh yes, please don’t let my husband read this. I know most men don’t love to shop though and if they do it is because of utmost necessity. I almost always look for a reason to justify my urge to shop and that urge always wins to say the least. I like going to malls and scour every stall and stand most days. I also love going to the supermarket and be floored with great deals. I’ve also added shopping in hardware shops and appliance centers too. 

The internet has radically changed the way I shop since I started working the night shift. I rarely get to visit the malls except on my days off so I rely heavily on the convenience of online shopping. The internet lets me explore and discover hard to find items in online stores such as Etsy, EBay, specialty online shops among others. Why do I prefer online shopping? Well, for starters, it is undeniably easier, faster and more convenient. I won’t need to queue for one. I can just sit on my couch and book my flight to Davao to visit my family or watch my favorite TV show while shopping for clothes and shoes and even jewelry. Of course, I like the convenience of being able to pay my bills online too. 

I use either a debit card or a credit card when I shop online. Both payment methods widely accepted in e-commerce. Due to the proliferation of credit card fraud and the like, many customers has that incessant fear of using their credit card and submitting financially sensitive information such that they even resort to going to payment centers (popularly known as bayad centers here in the Philippines) even if they have their own credit cards. 

MSOS To The Rescue 

Maybank encourages its cardholders not to miss out on great shopping finds, snagging that most coveted airline tickets or hotel accommodation on sale or just simply discovering new things by simply providing a safe and secure solution for online shopping via Maybank Credit Card through Maybank Secure Online Shopping (MSOS). A lot of these opportunities can be found online, and Maybank Credit Cardholder should not be afraid to explore as they are protected when they shop online through Maybank Secure Online Shopping. MSOS provides a One-Time-Password to its Maybank MasterCard and Maybank Visa cardholders everytime they perform a transaction on a 3D secure site. 3D secure sites are labeled with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. 

Shopping with MSOS is relatively easy: 

1. When a Maybank credit cardholder checks out the items in a 3D secure site for payment, he/she needs to fill out the necessary details. 

2. Maybank credit cardholder will be directed to an authentication page and will receive a One-Time-Password in his/her registered mobile phone number within 30-45 seconds.

3. Maybank credit cardholder must enter the One-Time-Password he/she received in the authentication page to complete the transaction. (Note: The One-Time-Password will only be valid for 5 minutes.) 

Easy right? It is undoubtedly secure. One good thing to note is that MSOS is free service and Maybank credit cardholder just needs to be sure that his/her current mobile number is registered. If the cardholder needs to update the registered phone number for any particular reason or enroll their supplementary cardholder’s number, he/she must call Maybank’s 24/7 Customer Service hotline at +632-588-3888 or PLDT Domestic Toll Free number at 1800-10-588-3888. 

Aside from making online shopping secure, Maybank also aims to provide an enjoyable shopping experience as well by creating deals with partner online merchants in the days to come. This is one card that would fit any fashionistas lifestyle for sure as well as satiate the wanderlust of every traveler among others. I am sure I would never miss out on opportunities of creating wonderful memories as I plan on my first ever Europe trip next month. MSOS would surely be handy as I shop for winter clothes online as well as book the best value for money airline ticket and tours. As I wind up this article, why don’t you check out more info about MSOS and see how it will change your online shopping habit for the better.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

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