Packing Like A Pro

5:26 AM

I love to travel but packing my luggage and I are not friends. I tend to overpack and I need more than one luggage to make my travel comfortable. That and another hand carried baggage. Until...

This video! I followed the strategy and I was able to fit quite a lot of my clothes as well as my husband's clothes in my polka red luggage. I can't believe how much clothes I was able to fit in my bag. I just finished packing one bag and now I am off to pack another one. Kaya ko to! 

I'll blog again later today as I still have 2 bags to pack (one for winter clothes and the other for gifts and other stuff that we will bring). I might take some pictures if I get some good lighting. We will also be carrying one backpack each with our laptops and documents as well as some books to read while inside the plane and during our loooooooooong layover in Doha (en route to Copenhagen).

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