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Part of our trip to my husband's family in Jutland was a visit to the summer house of his cousin in Blåvand. The summer house was charming, functional, and brimming with Nordic design. I am glad we made that trip to Blåvand because it afforded me a different perspective of the whole Denmark geography. They had beaches! I was ecstatic - only that the waters were freezing cold and the winds seemed to attempt to blow your head off of your neck. Yes, it was that strong when we were there. I reckon I might have spent half of my time at the beach making sure my hair is not in front of my face while we took pictures. 

The place, although it's a hundred fold and then some different from the Philippine beaches, was a sight to behold. It is situated along the Jutland Westcoast by the North Sea and is a popular destination for holiday with families especially during summertime mainly why almost all the properties near the beaches are summer houses. 

We took a short walk to the short before we had our delectable lunch spread. The breeze was cold no doubt but it was relaxing more so refreshing. The laughter and conversation made the experience made all the more memorable.

The Blåvand Lighthouse is located in the westernmost point of Denmark and is near Esbjerg. It was built in the 1900s and stands 39 meters or approximately 128 feet tall. The lighthouse's floor plan is square and was constructed using granite with brick walls (as other Danish structures). There is a winding staircase but we didn't attempt to go because we just didn't have enough time to. Maybe we will come back again one day... 

The trip to Blåvand made my Denmark vacation all the more unforgettable. I just can't wait to go back... 

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