Grown-Up Problem: House Hunting

7:00 AM

My husband and I visited a few subdivisions and villages over the weekend in search of a place that we can call home in the future. I didn't expect it to be so daunting but nevertheless we managed to show up on all our appointments. We went there primarily to check out prevailing real estate prices as well as assess the locations that we have pre-selected. Before meeting the house owners and brokers, we both knew that it will be the biggest purchase of our lives and we cannot afford to make rookie mistakes. We didn't necessarily have a battle plan but we came prepared. 

Decide What You Want 
Never go house hunting until you know what you are looking for. Come up with a list of your needs and wants - size of lot and/or floor area of the house, garden, number of rooms, parking, location, security, amenities etc. The list could be endless so you have to make sure to be realistic and trust your instinct. It is best that you identify the non-negotiable from the negotiable. 

It Pays To Research
You can save valuable time if you do your research before you go on house hunting. Read forums discussing property locations and developers as well as reputation of real estate brokers. Make sure to visit the property more than once - weekend, weekday, rush hour and lean hour so you know what you are getting into before signing your retirement in paper. Don't jump the gun if the seller offers a property lower than your expectations. You have to be able to approximate the prevailing property prices if you are well-informed. 

Check The Neighborhood
Decide on your properties in terms of location, public commute, traffic situation, crime rate in the neighborhood, security, proximity to amenities and establishments such as malls, supermarket, cinema, schools, hospitals, churches among others. If you have the luxury of speaking to residents, take the plunge so you will have first hand information and not sugar-coated marketing ploys. Location counts to you and your family or your future buyer should you decide to sell the property. You have to be able to consider the resale potential as well. 

Take Pictures When Viewing The Property
Taking pictures will help you in refreshing your memory when you get home and start mulling over the decision-making process. Pictures will be useful reference when you compare the houses and the lots that you have visited. Ask for permission politely if you are allowed to take pictures. 

Everything Should Be In Writing
Yes, everything should be in writing, down to the last bit of LED light. You don't want to get a shock of your life when a bare house is turned over to you. Make sure that this is part of your contract as well - this will protect you as a buyer. 

Those are my advises for now. I will continue my research and hopefully we will be able to find a property that we will be able to call home in the future. Grown-up problems aren't easy but there will come a point when you have to make decisions for you and your family. Today is the perfect time to learn... 

Do you have any advise for me and my husband? Which developer do you recommend for me? Let me know... 

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