The Sunday Currently - Waiting Game

8:00 AM

Happy Sunday everyone! I had a good sleep and I woke up quite cheery. Although the thought of not having my husband home saddens me for the most part. He will be away for at least 4 months and the waiting game has just began. 

It's been a few days since Christian's flight to Italy where he boarded his next ship assignment - Nord Bell. I've been back to operating on my old body clock and I am getting more snooze time but I would still choose less sleep and more time with my husband any given day. 

U R R E N T L Y . . . 

READING my fitness blog and seriously thinking if I should revive it. My husband and I agreed to be more active and lose some weight and whoever wins will be treated to a vacation (plane tickets, hotel, etc). We have not ironed the kinks yet but we are looking forward to start soon - March 1 maybe. I am also reading up on what to expect for an executive medical check-up as I am scheduled to undergo my annual physical  exam tomorrow. 

WRITING drafts for the remainder of the blog series - Denmark Diaries. I still have a lot to write about my trip to Denmark and knowing that things in the office are going pretty slow, I can now channel my energy back to blogging. I plan to write several drafts and just schedule the posting. I really really want to build a writing routine so I will be able to update all the blogs I maintain. 

LISTENING to All of Me by John Legend. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this song except that it's been on repeat since this morning. I recommend you listen to it when you get a chance and let me know what you think about the song. 

THINKING about going on a vacation - just a quick getaway. My friend, Mina, invited me to travel with her to Hanoi, Vietnam on Easter Week. I have not booked my tickets yet but I might just do so before the week ends. If in case, this will be our first ever trip together. It will be perfect timing as we launch our joint travel blog together. 

SMELLING paint fumes all over the kitchen. We recently had a our kitchen cabinets renovated and repainted and until I can still smell the paint fumes - although it's quite faint. I probably just have an uber-sensitive nose. I used vinegar, baking soda and some charcoal to absorb the fumes and so far I think it's working. I am hoping that the smell will disappear soon. 

WISHING that losing weight is as easy as A-B-C and 1-2-3. Arrrrgh! Why is it so hard to resist yummy food? Well, I managed to wake up early today so I was able to do a little over 5 kilometers of walking.  I miss the hiking trails and the super fresh air of Denmark. 

HOPING to be able to back-up all my files before I get a new laptop. I have so much files to organize and it's giving me a headache just by thinking about it. 

WEARING the PJ set that Christian bought. It's a comfy PJ and top from La Senza. I love how the fabric feels on my skin. Ah I wish it's weekend forever. I dread Mondays... 

LOVING all the travel shows in my favorite Travel Channel. The shows are altogether fueling my wanderlust but I am not complaining. Oh and yes, I have been playing with watercolor and showed one of my creations to my mom. She requested for me to make a bigger one for her so she can frame and display. Ah yes, moms would always adore their children's work no matter what. 

WANTING so much to bake cakes and cupcakes again. Maybe I need to find some new recipes to try so I could take my baking tools on a spin again. 

NEEDING to buy moisturizer. I have used up the entire bottle of the Clinique moisturizer I bought from Qatar Duty Free and I need another one. I also need to buy the rosehip oil for my sister's pregnant belly. 

FEELING a little bit down because I am left alone at home again. My husband will be away for at least 4 months and I am back to sleeping in a very big bed alone. I could never get used to this long distance love affair thing I guess. It will never ever be easy. I am just so glad I had my share of happy hormones (endorphin) this morning so it's equalizing the mood swings and battles with emotions. 

This is my second entry to the blog link-up for "The Sunday Currently" and I think I am going to join every Sunday. If you have not read my first post, here's the link:

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