Big Blog Exchange 2014

8:00 AM

I have been waiting for the Big Blog Exchange announcement since the 2013 round concluded and I was almost over the moon yesterday when I received the email in my inbox.

Sixteen (16) bloggers will be selected all over the world to swap blogs and swap countries. Exciting! I can only wish that I will be chosen this year. I would probably pull all the stops to be part of this once in a lifetime adventure. It's a little scary that there's a possibility that I will be in a different country and be immersed in a different culture but the daredevil in me wants to grab that one sweet spot and swap my blog and my country to another blogger.

Click the link above and sign-up for email alerts so you will receive the latest updates from the Big Blog Exchange and Hostelling International Team. Competition will start on July 23 so if you still don't have a blog right at this very moment, you still have time to create one. Let me know if you have any questions about blogging. I might be able to share some tips and tricks for you.


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