The Sunday Currently - Getting On The Healthy Train

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It's Sunday once again? How's your weekend going?

I just finished my workout for today and I love how so much lighter I feel after watching what I eat the past week. I lost 2.2 lbs with only a total of 10km run last week and eating raw as much as possible - fruits and vegetables. I am ecstatic and I think it wasn't so bad at all. Even my husband is inspired to get on the healthy train too with me when he comes home. I'm glad to have that effect on other people. It makes me all the more motivated to keep going until I lose all the 20 pounds that I am aiming to lose. I will get there - one day...

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U R R E N T L Y . . . 

READING about the GM diet and the pros and cons around it. I want to try it. I think 10-pound weight loss in one week would really be awesome. I am also rereading my fitness blog which I started in 2009 until it stalled and just faced a natural blog death but I am planning to revive it.

WRITING recipes to try for next week. I am so determined to finally take charge of what I eat and to live healthy and eat clean. Yesterday, I went to the Saturday weekend market in my city and bought some fruits (java plum or duhat, avocado, grapefruit, strawberry, cherry tomatoes, brocolli, carrots, basil, and shiitake mushroom). It's a little expensive to buy fresh produce but I guess I have to scrimp on other stuff and not on health. 

LISTENING to my inner conviction - never allow other people to control my emotions. I am the one and only master of my feelings and emotions and no one can dictate how I need to feel about something or how I will react to a situation. 

THINKING about why some people are just so utterly negative in their lives. It's as if they carry all the bitterness in the world. What's worse is that when you attempt to talk to them such person  includes you in his/her little black book of people to ostracize. I am dumbfounded.  I can only wish that people find the good in every situation and be happy and grateful for the simple fact that they are still alive. 

SMELLING Acres of Lavender. I really really love Daphne's line of home scents. I have the green forest pine in my bedroom and the lavender in my living room. 

WISHING that I will never lose my motivation in eating healthy and eventually shedding off the extra unwanted pounds. I am glad that I am doing this for myself first and foremost and not because my husband wishes to have a drop dead sexy wife. 

HOPING that I will not be in a stressful week at work next week. There's one too many changes and I am at the center of it all and I hope I can handle the pressure and all the things that I need to do that needs to be done. 

WEARING zero make-up and hair pulled in a messy bun. I love weekends! 

LOVING the feeling of eating clean. Huh! I have said this time and again. With all honesty, it's a whole new different feeling when you eat clean and feel clean inside. It's true what they say - you are what you eat. Have you felt that feeling after eating a big burger? You'll be in another spectrum if you start eating healthy food. 

WANTING to cut my hair. It has grown so long already. I think it's time for a change. Any hairstyle recommendations? No, please not the pixie. I couldn't pull that off for sure. 

NEEDING to eat something now. I feel like I've used up all the energy from my breakfast. It's time for a bowl full of fruits I guess. Yum! 

FEELING extra stronger and happier. 

This is my sixth entry to the blog link-up for "The Sunday Currently" and I think I am going to join every Sunday. If you have not read my first post, here's the link:

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