The Sunday Currently - Stopped to Smell the Roses

12:00 AM

Wow!  It has been a good two months and a few days since I joined "The Sunday Currently". I did not completely neglect this blog, if that could be any consolation. It's just that I had a lot of things going on and work stuff prevailed over all other things that I had to do. I had to retreat a bit because I felt like the life in my life just completely passed me by.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” - JOHN LENNON

U R R E N T L Y . . . 

READING the Fairmont Hotel magazine. I am comfortably lounging in this ultra-comfy lounge chair in the corner of the room while watching random telly channels.

WRITING a thank you note to the cleaning lady for always making sure that the room is tidy and for making sure that I have everything I need during the turndown service. I can get used to this life.  I am also writing down quotes in my little notebook that I can use for my calligraphy practice sessions. Yes, I have picked up a new hobby yet again. I joined a workshop a couple of weeks ago and you can see my journey here

LISTENING to silence. Ah! That feeling of just relishing the peace and quiet. 

THINKING about the year that was. It will be my birthday in the next 2 days and I could not imagine how jampacked the past year was.

SMELLING the rosehip oil I just slathered on my face. I don't know I could not describe the smell but it's a little unpleasant for me although the smell disappears eventually. I still continue to use it because of its benefits to the skin so I can shake off the smell issue. 

WISHING for more happiness in my life as I start living another year.

HOPING to start drafting our travel itinerary to Davao on September and South Korea on November. I will be travelling with friends and I am more than excited.  

WEARING  my nightgown and a thick robe. I could not live in cold places really. 

LOVING the smiles and service of  the Fairmont Makati staff. Definitely plus points in my book! 

WANTING to come back here and stay again. I just feel so relaxed. 

NEEDING to drink more water. I just observed that I am experiencing cramps on my leg often especially when I wake up. I don't know if this merits medical attention but I guess this is not something that I should just treat lightly. 

FEELING so relaxed. Sometimes we just have to stop our daily routine and smell the roses.

This is my 9th entry to the blog link-up for "The Sunday Currently". If you missed the other posts, why not click this LINK?

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