Christmas Came Early

10:30 AM

My husband finally bought a new refrigerator to replace the small refrigerator that I have had in my apartment before we got married. He always complained that it was too small for his height (he is about 6'2 and the fridge is only 6.7cu ft - imagine the difference). He also complained about it being too small to store a good deal of grocery items and he wants to have a bigger one so we would cut on our shopping trips for food. And so he did...

A couple of weeks ago, we bought a new Samsung fridge. We were initially eyeing on two other brands but eventually decided to pay for the bottom freezer kind. It was not the newest in the lot but we both felt that for the time being it would be sufficient for our needs and of course it would not occupy too much space in our little kitchen. Since we paid in cash, we also got a huge discount - we only paid almost 70% of the price. It is such a good buy! Totally worth it!

Who wouldn't want a side-by-side unit or a french-door fridge? I certainly would want it but the problem would be the space. Sigh! But yes, we are extremely delighted with our purchase and it could very well be my husband's gift this Christmas. Here it is ----

NOTE: This is not a real picture of our fridge. I swiped the picture from the Samsung website and I just edited it. Score! 

The main reason why we bought this  refrigerator was because of the several compartments of the bottom freezer. I can now store different food items without the risk of contamination and of course if ever I will breastfeed the little one then I can dedicate one freezer compartment to store my breast milk. Light bulb! I say the fridge is really worth the bang for our buck.

In case you are wondering still, this is not a sponsored post. I chose to write about this because really at this point I am super in-love with our fridge - because - the ice cream stays frozen! Forgive my shallow happiness, indulge the preggo. If in case you are planning to replace your fridge and at the same get your money's worth, I would recommend for you to consider checking out this model. But if money is not an issue for you, then by all means, buy the one with double doors and secret compartments and all those other state-of-the-art feature.


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