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One of my fears when I learned I was pregnant was having to deal with stretch marks in the latter part of my pregnancy. It is a shallow thing to consider and I now have mixed emotions about it. I am sort of happy to say that I don't have stretch marks in my growing tummy yet but surprisingly I am a little bit sad that I don't have some sort of a battle scar to show my kids in the future or just a reminder for myself that I have gone through the ups and downs of pregnancy and come out stronger.

Such that it was only stretch marks that I was most concerned about, I kind of ditched my skin care ritual altogether. I don't know, I just didn't feel like putting on anything on face not even moisturiser - big mistake! I also avoided putting on make-up consciously and with much gusto. I just wasn't in the mood for those.

Surprisingly, my skin cleared up - zero pimples! I think my skin is very thankful that it was able to rest from all the chemicals that I slather especially on my face. I started easing through introducing products backs to my cleansing and skin care regimen on my second trimester and I have the following to thank for. My skin is still glowing and yes still no stretch marks.


1. I just use Dove Beauty Bar (8) for cleansing. I am loving the results. My skin feels soft and I have had no breakouts. I also observed that old pimple scars have diminished. I also exfoliate my face using the small face brush I got from The Body Shop. It's gentle bristles don't hurt and it provides just the right exfoliation to thoroughly cleanse my face.

2. After cleansing, I use Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (4). I love the effect of the serum on my skin especially when I wake up in the morning. I rarely use it after my morning shower though because it feels a little icky sticky (maybe because I sweat too much).

FOR MY BODY (especially my tummy)

1. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick (1) - is my super favourite out of all the products in this list. I really love the smell of cocoa butter and it is probably one of the smells that don't make me hurl. I love how it glides on my and that I no product goes to my hand when applying. My tummy feels so soft after application. It's just so sad that only one TBS branch I know carries it and when I went back yesterday, they ran out of supplies as well so the last stick I have may be the last stick that I will use until I give birth. I must find another product to replace it - fast! If you have any suggestions please let me know.

2. One of the cheapest stretch mark creams/lotions out in the market today is the It's Your Body Stretch Mark Cream (2) which I bought from Mothercare. I love the scent of the product and I love that it does not feel sticky when applied.

3. I use the Nivea Baby Moisturizing Lotion (7) all over my body. It's so gentle on the skin and it gets absorbed pretty fast. I also use it on my heels and I am loving the results. It is really moisturizing.

4. When I feel like I want to pamper myself a little bit more after shower, I spritz Benefit Bathina Scented Body Mist (5). It leaves a very delicate smell (peachy with a lingering smell of velvet plum.

5. My two shower essentials - The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub (3) and Aveeno Positively Nourishing Body Wash (6). I use the scrub twice or thrice every week and I use the body wash every time I shower.

6. When I need some extra rubs of tired muscles before bedtime, I use Mythos Firming Massage Oil (9). I love the scent of the combination of olive oil and essential oils of wild cypress, black pepper, rosemary and pergamont. I also like that it does not feel greasy after application.

If you have been pregnant or currently infanticipating, what other products that you loved using would you would recommend for me? Let me know by leaving a comment below... 


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