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A couple of weeks ago, I decided to start prepping for all the minute details of me giving birth - that of course, includes deciding what products to purchase for the little one's skin care. There were a few products in my mind but decided to zero in on Mustela. I am sure Mustela is no stranger to you anymore because there are Mustela kiosks all around the big malls in the metro. In Makati alone, I have seen kiosks at Glorietta, SM Makati as well as Landmark.

Such that I am supposed to spend more time resting at home, I decided to inquire online if I can order and have the items shipped to me and I was delighted that Mustela offers free shipping if you order Php2500 worth of products. Great! I did all the inquiry and ordering via Facebook at the comfort of my room. Whoever assisted me on the other end of the line was very efficient and was able to handle my questions quite well. I am impressed!

There are currently four product ranges of Mustela:

Mustela Bébé 
- for normal skin 

Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics 
- for sensitive skin, atopic skin / eczema, cradle cap, nappy rash, irritated skin

Mustela 9 Months 
- for pregnant and breastfeeding moms 

Mustela Sun Protection
 - sunblock for normal or sensitive skin

I decided to pick up a few items to start off our little one's skin care regimen. Of course, I got a couple of items to ward off against stretch marks too.

Mustela, the expert on baby’s skin for 64 years, has launched an ambitious fundamental research program to advance knowledge about infants’ skin, from birth on. The Mustela researchers at Expanscience Laboratories have now discovered that a newborn’s skin contains a rich cellular resource: a reserve of stem cells at its highest potential at birth, yet remains extremely vulnerable during the first few years of life, while the cutaneous barrier is being built.  

All Mustela products, most especially the Mustela 9 Months range (for pregnant and breastfeeding moms), are tested non-teratogenic, meaning, when the products are applied on the skin, and the products and its ingredients are absorbed by the skin, to the blood vessels and is circulated around the body, there is absolutely NO RISK of malformation to the fetus when mommy is pregnant, or to the baby when mommy is breastfeeding.

If you want to try the different product ranges of Mustela, this month is the perfect time to by some I say. Mustela is available in Christmas Sets which you can purchase in their kiosks or online (they deliver nationwide) at discounted prices plus loads of free products in 3ml or 5ml packs that you can test. Of course, you also have the option to purchase full-size products.

Check out the sets below:

Christmas Set picture credit - Mustela Philippines

For any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to Mustela Philippines using any of the information below:

Mustela PH Website: 
Facebook: Mustela Philippines 
Hotline: 0917-8959988 

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