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Dear Baby Summer, 

I decided to write you this letter because I want to officially include you in my online journal which we now call "blog". Your far (Dansk for dad) and I were talking about jointly writing a letter for you before we went to bed last night. By the time you're old enough to read and understand every word that mor (Dansk for mom) wrote in this post, we'd have shared so many wonderful moments as a little unit of love we will fondly call family. We waited for you for almost two years after your far and I got married and when you finally came our first challenge was as petty as what name to give you. Eventually we agreed to give you the name Viktoria Summer.

After the first ultrasound session, we started calling you Baby Corn because you looked like a corn kernel. Mor will show you a picture for sure so you would believe me. You were the best gift that I received on my birthday and because your far was overjoyed he also gave me a "positive pregnancy test" gift which I am now using to type this post. You see that a lot of far and mor's family and friends were incredibly excited to know that you are almost 4 weeks old and everybody had their own well wishes as well as guesses if you will be a boy or a girl.

On your second ultrasound, you looked a lot like a peanut and so we started calling you Baby Peanut. We also finally found out that you are a girl. We were incredibly overjoyed. Far was onboard the tanker ship Nord Bell when I went for my check-up so I waited until he was online to tell him the good news. You see far really wants to have a daughter as much as I do.

I did not have an easy pregnancy but I know all along that all will be worth it. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum (morning sickness that is worse than the normal morning sickness). I had to be admitted to the hospital twice so that I can be properly hydrated and nourished and so that you will also be adequately hydrated and nourished. Apart from the hyperemesis gravidarum, I was also diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease and some form of thyroid disorder as well as gestational diabetes mellitus. I started to track my blood sugar by pricking my fingertips before each meal and inject insulin on my third trimester. I told my endocrinologist that I would rather prick my fingertips a thousand times more than the nurses pricking your heel for at least a week in the neonatal intensive care unit if you suffer from hypoglycemia.

Mommy had to brave all the illnesses so she can safely nurture you inside my womb. In between all these, I also had occasional high blood pressure which was a definite cause of worry for my OB-Gyne. She asked me to monitor my blood pressure and prescribed some medicine to avoid any complication. I would like to let you know however that I was never worried for myself but more for you. I wanted you to come out healthy, I want you to come out strong.

You look a lot like your "far" no doubt about that. 

As I write this, I am now on my 36th week and it will only be a few more days until you will signal that you are ready to come out. All your needs are ready as well as far and mor's hospital bags. We have fixed your crib and we love how your little princess corner is coming together. Your dad is mom's trusty handyman for sure. Now that we have prepared for your arrival, all we could do is pray that both you and I will be safe on your "birth day". I also pray that you will grow up appreciating all the hardship that your mom and dad had to go through to bring you into our world.

One day when you are old enough to understand every single thing that I wrote here, I hope that you will remember that your mom and dad loves you so much even before you were born. I know that eventually, I will lose all the eases and simplicities that I am enjoying now but know that your birth will bring me and our family the best memories that we will all treasure. I know that at some point while you grow up, you will challenge me and I hope I will be the woman you will look to for inspiration and for encouragement. I want to be able to foster your every ambition, to nurture your every dreams.

Apart from being excited to finally meet you, we are also looking forward to hug you and kiss you for the first time. We look forward to hold you, bathe you, care for you, feed you, and the whole nine yards. But through it all, I hope that you will grow to be a very healthy child - loving God and your parents just as much as we love you.

With all my love, 

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