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It is really tempting to overbuy for your first child and in fact I think I did. While I was scouring the internet for guides and checklists, I was a bit overwhelmed because there were too many items in any given checklist and of course as a newbie mom I found it difficult to determine what is absolutely necessary. I had to enlist the help of my sister who gave birth last year to trim down my list. Oh, and yes, the list that the malls hand out has a lot of non-essentials in it too.

Well truth be told, a newborn just needs you, a place to sleep securely and comfortably, milk (breast milk or formula), diapers and clothes for the first couple of weeks. You actually need not complete your entire list the moment you find out you are pregnant. As you start taking care of your newborn's needs you will be able to identify what you really need and then go out and buy it.

Here's a checklist that I created before I gave birth (the original list was longer, to be honest): if you want printable versions of this list please let me know by leaving a comment so I can send you the document

but wait there's more...

It's a long list yeah? It could undoubtedly overwhelm just about anyone and this long list mean a long tape receipt as well and you have to be ready to break the bank as you start your motherhood or fatherhood journey. I have not completed this list so far and I have yet to buy a few more items that I think I need. My suggestion at this point is to not buy too many newborn clothes as the little ones grow up too fast. I made the mistake of buying quite a number of dresses in newborn size and I feel that in a week or two such dresses will not fit Baby Summer anymore. Bummer!

Anyway, I am challenging myself to cut this list further into 10 absolute essentials for newborns. I will trim the list at least a month after the baby is born and I will share it with you. If you have an absolute essentials list, please do share it with me.

What are your newborn essentials? Anything crucial/must-have that I may have left off my list? 

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