Making Life Worth Living

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What makes life worth living? I've asked myself that question and I felt a little resistance inside me to answer such a question. I find it a tad bit difficult to answer with thoughtfulness and honesty. There are so many forces bigger than myself but I know deep within that I should make room for that question and answer it with conviction.

But it strikes me as a really important question. Such as every human being on earth is only given one life to live and so it is only but practical to make the most out of it.

Make The World A Better Place (in your own little way)
You can make the world a better place by striving to be a better person each day. Strive to entertain positive thoughts and find the best in others. Do something good to yourself or other people around you to nourish your soul and practice the idea of "paying it forward".

Laugh Often (and much!)
Avoid taking things too seriously and laugh at every chance you got. Laugh it off - when you commit mistakes. Laugh it off - when life gives you lemons. Laugh often as you journey through life - in various circumstances and situations. Laughter, anyway, is good for your mind, your body as well as your soul. If you can't laugh then you can at least smile - it reduces stress and anxiety and that's guaranteed.

Find Your Bliss (travel and explore your country and the world)
Once in a while, book a plane ticket and travel to a new destination to reinvigorate your soul and take you away from the busy trappings of your daily life. The lasting benefits of travelling always outweighs the cost. Aside from disconnecting from the daily grind, travelling widens your perspective and increases your resourcefulness as well as allows you to make lasting memories that would last for a lifetime and this is something that money cannot buy. Experiencing different cultures can be enlightening and educational. At the end of every travel, you will always come home renewed which would help you function better.

Read, Read, Read (books, magazines, even product packaging)
"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." Reading can stimulate your mind which then prevents it from losing power. As they say, you have to use it or lose it. Feed your brain with new bits of information - this will equip you with better vocabulary, better coping strategy when faced with challenges, and better memory.

Find A Hobby (a craft a day keeps boredom at bay)
A hobby is more than just an idle pursuit to pass the time. Hobbies can give you joy that would help you reclaim your life from an otherwise boring and mundane life and/or task. A hobby offers a time for you to relax as well as provide you purpose, satisfaction and pleasure.

Attitude of Gratitude (thank you, thank you, thank you)
Being thankful can boost your well-being. Gratitude also opens the door to more relationships as showing appreciation can help you win new friends and nurture existing ones. Being thankful makes you easily contented thus you live a life less complicated. Oh and yes, being thankful can help you sleep better. Ask me how...

Forgive (again and again - many times over)
Forgiveness can lead to healthier relationships as better health as it promotes the reduction of stress and anxiety. When you forgive, there is a tendency to improve your psychological well-being as well.

There are other several ways for your to make your life better - to make life worth living. It would be impossible for me to list down everything. It would be nice to know directly from you what sort of things you do to make your life worth living. Let's talk! 


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