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I used to join the link-up "The Sunday Currently" but I stopped when Lauren, the blogger who started it, decided to end the series after her 100th post. I've been searching for new link-ups that interests me and I finally found it - Helga's Friday's 10 Happy Things. I am joining this link-up because I like making lists and happy lists are nothing but awesome and inspiring.

Now that I am still adjusting to the jarring realities of my new life as a stay-at-home mom, I know that maintaining this list will help me appreciate my life more and to find meaning in the recent big decisions that I had to make in my life, in our lives. So I welcome you all to my "Friday's 10 Happy Things":

  1. The smell of my baby daughter's freshly laundered clothes and her baby breath too.

  2. I cleaned the oven! And I am mighty proud I did it. Just staring at the gunk that accumulated for a year almost make me hurl but I bravely dismantled the parts, including the screws, removed the glass and other washable parts and just went to town with the sponge. My husband gave me a pat on the back when he saw how clean the oven turned out. I'm turning into a domesticated diva! 

  3. Okay, back to my daughter - it makes me happy when I make her smile especially when she smiles with her eyes and her lips. Ahhh the feeling can't be topped! 

  4. Making my own sago strawberry milk tea and sugar-free lemonade too. Oh yes, it's summer in the tropics and the sweltering heat of the sun just motivates me to hydrate more. 

  5. Finding a folded bill (Php500) inside a bag pocket that I have not used in a while. 

  6. Opening my CreativeMarket account and discovering that several of my dear blog readers bought some of the script fonts I recommended. 

  7. Pictures of my mom's vacation in the US. I love the ones she took at the Botanic Garden. 

  8. Upcycling (is that even a word?). I found my stash of hotel soaps and travel sized toiletries while cleaning this morning. I thought of what to do with it and so I wrapped it using a fruit foam net and then tied a pretty ribbon around it. Et voila! Instant cabinet freshener. Click this link to see how it turned out.   

  9. Cooking a perfect sunny side-up egg for breakfast (without using a mold). 

  10. Dayre! I just created my account this week and I am enjoying using the app. Check my profile and create yours too. The Dayre community is heartwarming so far. 
I think  maintaining this list could only bring positive vibes to my life so I am encouraging you to start writing down what makes you happy as well or if you have a blog join us in the link-up. It will be fun to read what makes people happy. I'd love to hear from you... 

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