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Holy Moly! Summer is almost 14 weeks old as I write this. I have tried to sit down a few times and write this post, but my errands and daily mommy chores have kept this post as a draft. If you want to read about our daily adventures, head on over to my Dayre account.

This month is shaping to be the best month of being a mommy so far. I am so happy to be this little munchkin's mom no doubt about that. I love that she showers me with unlimited smiles and it's incredibly adorable and heartwarming when she giggles when I entertain her. Each giggle and gummy smile and every toothless grin is like a medal to me. It's a very rewarding feeling. I feel so accomplished. Even though we are nowhere near any routine, our bond is simply something that makes me happy - something that always reminds me why I quit my corporate job. I feel more confident being Summer's mommy compared to how clueless I was when she was born and I shared my realizations in this post. The weeks are flying by quicker than I anticipated it to be. She will be 16 weeks old sooner than later.

After she fell from the couch, I became even more paranoid. I sleep so late because I wanted to make sure that she is breathing normally. Every grunt, gasp and grimace makes me get up and observe her. I am just so glad that nothing bad happened to her after the fall. She's such a strong "viking" baby. I say a prayer with her before she sleeps and she pays attention (keeps quiet and looks at me intently). I wonder if she ever understands a word I say (well maybe who knows).

Summer is very social. She likes it when you talk to her and she always has a ready smile when you smile at her. She smiles even to strangers or to just about anyone she meets for the first time. She also loves to stick her tongue out when coaxed to do so. I guess she copied it from me because I always do that when I try entertain her.

Summer is no milk monster. She only consumes 4oz of milk every feeding. She feeds at an average of six to seven times every day so that means she gets 24 to 28 ounces. For her current weight, she's supposed to consume 2.5oz for every pound of her weight. She's currently a little over 13 pounds so she's supposed to consume 32 ounces at least. Then again, I only feed on demand so I am not really worried about it.

Summer loves her nap and sleep. She naps whenever she's carried and swayed. Her naps are an hour at least every time. She can also sleep through the night already. Such a trooper!

Summer has a jam. She likes Watch Me Whip and Nae Nae a lot. She would flash a gummy smile whenever she hears the song or when I sing it to her during our playtime.

Summer loves the mirror. Mirrors are her favorite. She would stare at her reflection and smile and sometimes even giggle. Even if she is crying, she would stop and smile.

She loves to roll - from her back to her tummy and from her tummy to her back. She's advanced as her pediatrician noted. As much as she loves to roll, she also loves to practice standing up.

Summer is not a crybaby. She is just a happy baby and I am very thankful for that. She's so generous with her smiles and giggles and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Summer loves to listen to music. Thank you Spotify! I have a playlist of classical music that we both listen to before bedtime. She almost always stops wriggling or trying to roll over when she hears the first note.

I am thinking of buying her a rocker but she's growing up so fast that I am afraid she will outgrow it fast too. I have not introduced reading to her yet but I have shared stories to her about my pregnancy and her birth and daddy's work and that stuff and I love that she looks me in the eye and appear really interested.   I am looking forward to every single day that I spend with her and motherhood just keeps getting more and more exciting each day.

On that note, let me go back to bed so I will have energy to spend with the little one tomorrow. Thank you for reading my update. 

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