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Welcome to another round of Friday's 10 Happy Things where I jot down ten things that made me happy this week. Keeping this list gets easier every week. Click the image below this blog post if you wanna join us spread happy cheers all around. 

I am really sorry for the drought in my blog. I just couldn't find enough time to squeeze in blogging in our ever so busy schedule. If you wanted to follow our vacation though, head on to my Instagram - @ktnielsen. I promise to get back to the rhythm of things when we are back in the Philippines. To make up, at least, for my blog absence, here's my happy things this week: 

1.  Seeing thousands (yes thousands) of deers at the Deer Park in Denmark. The park is an enclosed 1,000 hectares of sprawling fields, golf course, castle, an old castle and running/walking trails. It's a fantastic place to visit if you love the outdoors.   

2.  Hiking the Gurre forest near the Gurre lake. We initially thought that it was only around 5-6 kilometres but it turned out to be 13 kilometres including our detours. We got rained on also so that made the trail a little bit more exciting. I'm turning into an outdoorsy person I suppose.  

3.  Summer ate sweet potato puree for the first time and she loved it!   

4.  Visiting the outlet store of the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain.  

5.  Managed to do the grocery alone. Yey! So much win!

6.   Loveletter Script is on sale. Hurry! Click the link so you can also get it for cheap. 

7.  Quinoa! Yes quinoa. I just managed to try it now and I love it. I'm on a rice withdrawal for a month now and quinoa is the next best thing there is. Of course, quinoa is the healthier choice. 

8.  Perfecting my Danish meatball recipe. The hubby loves it so much that he has requested for me to make it several times.   

9.  Curbing on my shopping whims. I'm having a ball shopping for friend's requests instead.      

10.  Summer is almost over and I am excited for the leaves to change colors. I have seen a few yellow trees already.   

That sums up my happy list. Hope you enjoyed it!

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