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Denmark is beautiful even more so in summertime (could have been more beautiful in spring I suppose). Denmark is clean - I drink straight from the tap and if I could only bottle up the air I would if I could. I don't see garbage on sidewalk, I don't see smoke belchers, even the harbors smell nice I tell you. Every city has its own charm, mostly revolving around medieval buildings, history-laden brick walls and paths as well as castles.

Besides history and the environment, the Danes are absolutely friendly (at least my husband's family and the people we have encountered on our hikes are). They are very welcoming and I always get a greeting "hej" even from kids. Everyone is happy (even the garbage collector and the postman to name a few). They wouldn't be the happiest country for nothing.

Now, let me count the ways (apart from the ones I mentioned above):

01 | The attitude of gratitude. 

Kids are thought to say thanks for the meal (tak for mad) to whoever prepared the food. I would want to teach Summer that as well. Every day that I stayed in Denmark, I hear "tak" or "mange tak" from family and even from strangers.

02 | No one crosses the street when the red traffic light is on - even when there are no bicycles or cars coming! 

Talk about discipline. I would love to live here for good and that's enough reason for me to consider moving knowing that I would be living with rule-following citizens.

03 | Urban planning and transportation is above par. 

Even if Denmark is an old country, road networks are impressive. Train system is good. I've only experienced one malfunctioning train and the delay was less than 5 minutes including the transfer to a new coach. Roads and streets are also clearly marked - if you know how to read and follow signs then you will never get lost.

04 | I love Danish food. 

Not everyone likes Danish cuisine but I love it. I love leverpostej. I love remoulade. I love medisterpolse. I love smorrebrød. I love frikadeller. I've also grown to love boiled potatoes after not having rice for more than 2 months. Maybe I was a viking in my past life.

05 | People mind their own business (especially in public transport - yes, trains and buses can be very quiet). 

I love this! I can enjoy the view outside without being distracted. I guess I am over and done with small talks (but I don't detest it at all - I would still respond when someone talks to me). No one speaks loud in public as well (ah, such a welcome scenario - the exact opposite of where I come from).

06 | You have to have an appointment before you visit someone. 

Great! Once you have the appointment, make sure you show up and be on time. Why do I like this? Well, as you might have guessed I'm not a big fan of surprises and I need time to prepare (the house, the food, etc) that's why I love this practice so much.

07 | Castles were carefully preserved and some restored. 

I love how they respect and cherish their history. I was amazed seeing kids at the Kronborg Castle with their teacher for an educational tour. Some castles were also transformed and now serves as museums. Even the castle grounds where the royal family lives is open to the public.

08 | Danish design (especially interior design). 

Clean, elegant, luxurious, timeless - just but a few of the adjectives that one can use to describe Danish design (Royal Copenhagen, Lyngby, Georg Jensen, Rosendahl, Lego, Pandora, Arne Jacobsen among others).

09 | Color me amber. 

I love that I can walk on the shores (west Denmark) and I can search for amber (Danish gold). The best coastlines to look for ambers will be in North Jutland. If you are lucky, you will find amber in different sizes in most beaches. Insider tip: The best time to look for ambers is after a storm.

10 | Educational system is second to none. 

It's free! It's F-R-E-E! Looks like  Summer is set for life.

Denmark you are golden to me! I will leave a big part of my heart when I go back to the Philippines. I can't wait to be back again. I highly recommend to include Denmark in your travel bucket list. Albeit the smallest of the Scandinavian nations, it has so much to offer. 


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