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If your birthday is coming up or you are trying to finish writing your holiday wishlist, I strongly suggest that you include a nifty gadget to get you through the holidays and the coming years ahead. As much as I want to be "wired" and "connected" all the time, I have identified several items that I am planning to buy for myself this Christmas or maybe wish so hard to get them all as gifts.

In all honesty, I can't imagine myself living without internet anymore, whether I am inside the house or when I am out and about. That's why it is really important for me to have power cables and power packs anywhere I go. I bet you do too. If you are still thinking of what to buy to up your tech power, I ask you to please go through my list as I share my Top 5 most wanted Belkin products.

I would not want to ever run out of battery power ever again. I can still remember how much memories I failed to capture when we went on vacation. I missed to capture family moments on our beach trips, road trips as well as the wedding we attended all because I ran out of battery. Gaaaah! I felt so frustrated and helpless to say the least. 


You see I included all these products in my most wanted list because I feel that these are all what I needed to be connected "all the time". These aren't big ticket items as well so these would mean I would not put so much dent in my wallet if I decide to get a few of these. I can very well add any of these in my family Christmas wish list as well. Hint! Hint! 


What I really like most about the Belkin Dual Swivel Charger is that I can charge two devices at the same time. How convenient is that? The swivel charger also rotates at 90 degrees to accommodate hard-to-reach electrical outlets and the prong folds so very convenient for storage as well. Now, I don't have to buy an extra charger because I can now charge my iPhone and iPad at the same time. 

My sister's family is vacationing in our house now so that means we have double the amount of gadgets to charge. It's a challenge not having this gadget because we have to take turns in charging our phones and tablets. If only we have this swivel charger then we can charge two at the same time. 


I personally don't own a car charger yet so it's high time to get one or two. I plan to give the other one to my husband when he comes home from another overseas stint. What I love most about this product is that I can use it at home and also inside the car. It's also a fast charger so it would make road trips more fun. With the heavy traffic in Manila especially now that we are approaching the holiday season, this product is an essential. 

I can still vividly remember how frustrated I felt when we went on a road trip to Germany from Denmark and I ran out of battery because we did not have a car charger with us. I planned to snap pictures on the road but I wasn't able to and I would not want that to happen again. It's a definite must buy!  


What I like most about this braided cable that syncs and charges at the same time is the color. So glam! So fit for the holiday season. I have a gold phone as well so they would be two peas in a pod - perfect match! But of course, aside from the super chic color, I love that this cable can sync and charge. You absolutely get the bang for your buck.


This pink cable is L-O-V-E! Aside from the color, I love that it can sync all my lightning connector devices quickly and safely. If you do not like pink, there are six more colors to choose from and you can mix and match too.  Of course, data transfer is also a breeze with this two-in-one cable. 


Here's another pink beauty! What I like most about this charging device is that it has two USB ports so I can charge my iPhone and iPad at the same time or maybe share one port to a friend. I can charge it overnight (8 hours) and I am set for the day wherever I may go. 

A day without these most wanted Belkin products would mean time away from checking my emails, being in constant contact with my family overseas, timely response to my business clients, boring hours while stuck in horrendous traffic among others.

Can you imagine attending a Christmas gathering and running out of battery? Yes? Not good right? You always wanted to be ready so you don't miss to capture that perfect moment to document your holiday happy moments. 

Can you imagine being stuck in traffic and your car broke in EDSA and you don't have battery left? Yes? It can be a horrible experience not being able to call for help. If you're stuck in traffic and running late for a business meeting and your battery phone died and you don't have a car charger with you - how can you inform your business partners or clients? Not good yeah? 

Photo Credit: EgoMagOnline Running out of battery is NOT FUN. Que horror!
Now that our world basically revolves around being wired and staying connected, these gadgets aren't just considered wants anymore but rather can be considered as needs. 

Let me share my Lazada wishlist to you (click the picture below to view). I made it a public wishlist as well so you can view the page and read about each of the products. Of course, you too can add any of these products in your own wishlist as well. Once you are done with your Lazada wishlist, you have the option to send it to your friends in Facebook, email or just go ahead buy them all for your self. 

If you are still trying to come up with your Christmas wish list, you might be interested to check out the Belkin products sold by Belkin PH by Macpower. You will for sure get the bang for your buck.

Please feel free to share your Top 5 most wanted Belkin products by sharing in the comments below. I would love to know what's in your wishlist.

Disclosure: This is my entry to the Nuffnang and #BelkinWishlist Contest. As usual, all thoughts and opinions as well as suggestions mentioned are entirely my own and were not influenced by the brand and merchant mentioned in this post.

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