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We are back to the yellow house which we call home in Denmark from a little more than a week trip to Jutland (West Denmark) and Flensburg in Germany. We sure had fun making wonderful family memories. As we drove back to Hillerod, we couldn't help but wish that we had more time to spend but we feel lucky as it is to have the luxury of time in our hands to explore as much as we could.

Walking around Flensburg City Center

On the roads and city centers where we walked around, I observed the street signs and signages. I used it to remember where we came from and which road to take. I noticed that LED signage are mostly used in gas stations (where you pump gas yourself and costs a lot more than in the Philippines). Restaurant signage on the other hand are the fixed kind (mostly acrylic signage or stainless signage).

Moin Moin is used as greeting in Flensburg, Germany but also used in a signage of an establishment as seen here. I went inside shops in the afternoon and the storekeepers greet shoppers almost in unison "moin moin". The first time I heard it I thought they were saying "good morning/morgen". I was totally wrong! Until I passed by a souvenir shop and saw moin moin practically scribbled in all the items. Face palm moment!

My husband entrusted me the map reading as well. Me and maps will never be a good mix but I forced myself to learn reading it so we will not get lost and we survived. I also had a little crash course on the road courtesy of the hubby. Learning impromptu!

It rained cats and dogs on our way home from Germany to Denmark. Auf Wiedersehen! This sign makes me remember Heidi Klum. 

I would surely miss our road trips in this part of Europe. I feel so blessed that I was able to experience such unforgettable trip with my little family. In about two weeks we will be back in the Philippines again. We may not be in a road trip there and I wouldn't need a map to navigate the city anymore but it would be nice to come home to a warmer place somehow. I am sure I would not be lost when we go back because we've only just been away for less than three months and I am almost sure the signages in every establishment will be a good guide. After all, I am one of those that remembers signs so well (or so I think).

I would never forget where FEU is in Makati, or Makati Medical Center, or Mang Inasal in the corner of Filmore and Dayap Street is in Palanan because their signages will still be present. The comman denominator of the three is that the signage design were all made by M&G Global Ads. M&G Global Ads is the leading signage maker and sign service provider in the Philippines. Oh and yes they also made the signages in Kidzania and assist businesses and organisations in imaging and branding needs.

Anyway, I need to go and prepare for my niece's birthday part later this afternoon. I'll see you soon Manila. Please be kind and I hope you embrace me back warmly.

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post and I will thus be compensated. All opinions are my own.


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