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Exactly three years ago today, I walked down the aisle to marry my ex-boyfriend turned forever husband. I remember how I woke up that day feeling so positive and happy and not even thinking of the minute details of the wedding anymore. We had our last breakfast as boyfriend/girlfriend at the hotel restaurant where we stayed and then went on with the preps for the ceremony.

It rained that day - hard! There was a typhoon and some parts of General Santos City were flooded and this rarely happens. After my hair and make-up was done, I looked out of the hotel room window wishing the rain would stop because it would be very inconvenient for our wedding guests to travel and brave the typhoon just to come be with us. It continued to rain in the afternoon and I even got a little bit wet when I got out of the bridal car. Our outdoor garden wedding became an indoor wedding instead. The typhoon can't deter us alright! The ceremony pushed through and we were married before the day ended.

I watched the video again and it's so funny to look back at how I stepped on my mom's dress. LOL! She also didn't want to be made up that day because she's not used to make-up. She's the face powder and lipstick kind but after she got dolled up she exclaimed, "Ay gwapa man gali ko kung may make-up!" ("Oh, I look beautiful with make-up!"). She indeed looked radiant that day. My dad was just his usual self - cool, calm, collected - not a worry on his face. We personally wrote our vows and the video only showed part of it but until now the words still tugs at me. I still get teary. It's also funny to remember how my pink wedding shoes were "stolen" by a hotel guest while the videographer was shooting scenes for the on-site video inside the elevator. The hotel security had to go knock on the guest's hotel room to retrieve my shoes. The nerve! I never knew who that person was and my mom was more affected when she learned my shoes mysteriously disappeared.

Fast forward to today, we're now celebrating our 3rd anniversary and blessed with a blissful married life and a charming little bundle of joy. We may spend most of our days in a year apart but I rest in the fact that we have a lifetime of togetherness ahead of us. We have all tomorrows waiting for us. I can't really tell what will happen but I pray each night for God to prosper our married life and for it to be protected. It's only through God's grace and favor that we can weather all the storms that we will encounter.

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversaries?


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