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Oh I can definitely feel the Christmas spirit all over the metro. Everywhere I look I see Christmas ornaments - lights, decors, trees all adorn up halls, streets, balconies, houses and even malls. In the Philippines you know it's the Christmas season when malls are packed, lines are long, everyone's extra cheery and seems to be in high spirits and in good cheer not to mention that traffic becomes so crazy especially in business districts.

Based on studies, the holiday season is when people are the happiest but also the most stressed because of all the activities, the shopping, the preparations, the parties - it's just a very busy season. Sometimes it's too much to take for the whole month let alone one week or two. I bet the easiest thing to do this holiday season is to accept gifts. Right? I could be wrong though. At any rate, poor choices of food, sleepless nights due to parties among other bad holiday habits can take a toll on our immune system as much as the holidays also coincide with the cold and flu season.

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So how do you boost your immunity during the holidays? I guess that's the million dollar question but I have a few tips that I wanted to share in the hopes that this article would be able to help you boost your immunity. You have to do the best you can so that you don't spoil your merry holidays.

Here are my 5 tips especially for you my dear readers:

O O D 

Eat a diet comprised mostly of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Remember to not binge on food that is very high in saturated fat (hello lechon?!?). It could not be denied that holiday food can be incredibly high in calories and may pose a negative impact to our health. What you can do is to make sure to consume five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day. When you go shopping, carry a bag of carrots to munch on so you don't binge and mindlessly eat whatever is within reach . Do not go to the grocery or supermarket hungry. Always have a healthy snack within reach - this could do wonders for you. If you can't buy yourself a material gift, at least feed your body with the right food. Oh and yes, avoid eating food with very high salt content so you don't unnecessarily retain water and be bloated in all your holiday pictures. That would be very stressful for sure!
According to Prevention here's a list of the 9 power foods that are very good in boosting one's immunity. Try to incorporate these good stuff in your daily meals and snacks. You can't have too much of a good thing yeah?

The key for this tip is to ensure that you are consuming food that you need in order to sustain your daily needs. You can eat whatever you like but make sure that you are doing so in moderation. Don't binge on any food so you get the nourishment that your body needs to stay healthy.


Stay active, get moving, and don't let your exercise routine go on a holiday. You don't need to work out so hard or run hundreds of kilometres - you just need to be moderately active. When you go shopping, park at the farthest corner/spot of the parking area, that way you get to walk towards your destination. When you boost your exercise routine you also boost your immune system. Don't wait for the new year to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. Always remember that at least 30-minutes of physical activity every day is better than nothing at all.

You also do not need a gym membership to able to do some exercise routines. You can use household items as a matter of fact. For example, you can fill an empty bottle with water and use it as weights for strength training. You can also use a chair or your wall when you do lunges. You can go up and down the stairs to get your heart pumping. Easy peasy!

Listen to music, get a massage, stick to a good sleeping habit or enrol in a yoga class. You need to be able to block the world around you and indulge yourself in some me-time to combat the overwhelming holiday stress. Find things to do that would allow you to just focus on the present - this way you will feel less hurried and more calm. It would also help to know that your body has its breaking point so it's important to wind down and get charged up once again by resting and relaxing to keep your immune system strong.

Of course, relaxing also involves sleeping. Make sure to get ample amount of sleep so your body can gets to rest and recharge. Adequate sleep is essential for a healthier and stronger immune system and of course overall health. It will for sure make you feel better and boost your mood as well. After all, you need all the rest you can get so you have all the energy that you need to face all the holiday to-do's.

This holiday season is the perfect time to nurture yourself. Give yourself the gift of self-love because it is the only way to give love. If you love your self, you will radiate love to your family and friends. When you are truly happy from within, your glow will be very visible, you will attract good vibes. As you nurture yourself, learn to listen to what your body wants and needs. Balancing your inner self as well as your outside appearance will allow you to make healthy decisions.

Part of nurturing yourself is to drink enough water - it is very basic but also very good for you and your health.

V I T A M I N  C - "your daily dose of added immunity"

Staying healthy and maintaining tip top immunity during the holiday season is very important. To complete the loop of boosting your immunity, you have to load up on your Vitamin C intake as well and that's where Fern-C can help me, you and all our loved ones. Choosing the right brand with the best benefits is essential so that you get the most protection for every peso you spend. Incorporate this in your daily routine to ensure optimum benefits despite the holiday stress that you face.

Did you notice my 5 tips with letters representing Fern-C?

So why do I choose Fern-C out of all the available Vitamin C's in the market today?
Click the image above to visit the Fern-C website where you can read more about the product.

A healthy immune system is the best defense we have against bacteria, microbes and different kinds of viruses that attack our body and bring about different forms of diseases (most common would be respiratory illnesses). The immune system wards off these unwelcome visitors in wreaking havoc to our health. You may not know it but on a daily basis, our body uses antioxidants to boost the immune system through the fruits and vegetables that we consume and supplementing it with sodium ascorbate is an excellent practice on your road to healthy living. 

Sodium ascorbate consists of a combination of sodium and Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. In this mixture, the sodium acts as the buffer thus creating a less acidic supplement than those made with pure ascorbic acid. Hello Fern-C!!! Fern-C is dissolved easily by the body and is a non-acidic form of Vitamin C. Taking this supplement ensures that we all meet our daily Vitamin C requirement. We also need it to produce collagen which hastens the healing of wounds and keeps the immune system healthy. It is also good to note that sodium ascorbate is more reactive compared to ascorbic acid in building connective tissues and anti-body structures which makes it more effective in eliminating bacteria, microbes and viruses. 

To boost your immunity during the holidays and help ensure a stress-free celebration, aim to meet your daily Vitamin C requirement. Don't forget to include Fern-C in your shopping list. While you're at it, why not give the gift of immunity boost and include capsules of sodium ascorbate goodness to your family and friends? 

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Stay healthy and happy this Christmas season!


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