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I love watching videos of hacks that are doable and practical. I've applied a few hacks in our household and I would catch myself sometimes thinking why I didn't think about a certain hack before someone else did. Seriously though, who doesn't love a good hack?

Life hacks are meant to make life easier and simpler. Try these hacks in my list at your own risk. But really, these aren't difficult or even a bit dangerous - just simple, doable life hacks.

01 | Best Way to Reheat Pizza

When you have leftover pizza - don't microwave it. It's going to be soggy and limp. The best thing to do is to heat a pan and put your slice of pizza crust side down and then cover the pan so the heat will not escape. The cheese will melt and your crust will be crunchy. No more soggy leftover pizza.

02 | Fridge Deodorizer 

When your fridge smells funky, mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar with a few drops of lemon juice and it will resurrect your fridge and make it smell divine again. I've tried this several times. This also works for cupboards. You can use charcoal too by the way.

03 | Know When To Ditch An Egg

Not sure if you can still cook eggs? Put an egg in a basin of water and if it floats, it's time to toss it away.

04 | Entertainment For Your Furry Friend

Want a toy and food at the same time for your pet dog? Freeze dog food and toys in a mold (go big like a bucket mood) and let your dogs go to town with the frozen treat. Your dog will be entertained for a long time.

05 | Lettuce In Jars

Instead of keeping your lettuce in your vegetable storage, cut it up and make single serving of salads and store in mason jars. By doing so you prolong the shelf-life of your greens instead of wilting in bags. Ready-to-eat healthy snack ready when you open your fridge.

06 | Homemade Dry Shampoo 

I don't like to shampoo everyday because it leaves my hair dry and limp. So I use cornstarch with a few drops of essential oil to make my homemade dry shampoo. Just pour on your palm and massage onto hair for an instant volume and oil-free mane.

BONUS HACK: When your Nutella jar is almost finished, scoop ice cream and mix and eat to your hearts content. Yum! Is this the best hack in the world or what?

Got any hacks you want to share with me? 


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