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Welcome to another round of Friday's 10 Happy Things where I jot down ten things that made me happy this week. Keeping this list gets easier every week. Click the image below this blog post if you wanna join us spread happy cheers all around. 

“There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures.” 
-Josiah Gilbert Holland 

Here's my happy things this week: 

1.  Justin Bieber's new album, Purpose. This is the first time that I am raving about his songs. I love the melody, the lyrics, the beat, everything. I like his tattoos too by the way. 

2.   Watching vlogs of Benjie and Judy's (itsjudystime) family vacation in Japan. I wanna go!

3.   Business was good except for a little hassle (courier was not able to cross closed roads and such because of APEC). Oh and yes, we have an ongoing promotion this month that you might want to check out. 

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4.  Meeting my friend, Eddene, after almost 4 years of not seeing each other. The last time we saw each other was when Christian and I travelled to Singapore. 

5.   Tea time. I love quiet moments while sipping my tea before bedtime. 

6.   My oven-baked pork belly was a hit when I prepared it twice this week. If you want to try the recipe, please check my previous post and please please please don't skip the brining process. 

7.   Bubble wraps. Hahaha! I don't know why but popping the trapped air bubbles make me so happy.

8.   Snapchat. I started using the app this week and let's see if I stick to it. 

9.   I was finally able to edit a few pictures from our Denmark vacation. I will be sharing my picks in a blog post next week. 

10.  I bought a tape dispenser and my life became so much easier. I pack the items I ship individually so really a tape dispenser is a necessity.

That sums up my happy list this week. Do you list down things that made you happy too? Do share, I would love to know.

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