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How did your week go? I have a rather uneventful week and I just spent most of my week at home playing and napping with my baby daughter and finishing up blog posts, researching for future blog posts and procrastinating on cleaning up our bedroom. I look forward to a better week ahead and better means productive.

It's Sunday once again and I am back to let you inside my Sunday currently...

I am currently...

reading a Dr. Seuss book and imagining how to share the story to my daughter to keep her entertained and listen from start to finish. In all honesty, I hope she drifts off to sleep in the middle of the story though.

writing nothing at the moment but I just finished writing waybills for the parcels that I will be sending to my clients after the long weekend. I have a few backlogs to square off but this batch will complete the pending orders. I have also sent out my orders to my supplier for my little business. I've already decided on the December promotion and I will post it in my Instagram as early as tomorrow. Yay!

listening to some piano ballads on Spotify. It's a chill kind of day today really.

thinking of finishing this blog post fast so I can go to the supermarket and shop early for our Christmas eve and New Year's eve "feast" before stocks fly out of the shelves.

smelling the scent of the body scrub I used (Moroccan argan and dead sea salt scrub). Smells so good!

wishing that my hubby will have a better internet connection while onboard the ship so he can view the videos of Summer that I sent him.

hoping to kickstart my running regimen again soon.

wearing a floral dress and a high messy bun. It's my go-to choice of clothes when I am just lounging inside the house.

loving the party planning checklist that I made. You can download it here.

wanting to bake a banana cake or a red velvet cake or maybe just start cleaning our bedroom to get it over and done with.

needing to finish shopping to complete my gift list. I still have a few items that I need to buy but the Metro Manila traffic scares me so much and the throng of shoppers ain't nothing to be excited about.

feeling good! Life is good, life is sweet.

clicking through a few "mommy blogs" and getting some inspiration on what kind of blog posts should be in a mommy blog. I started a blog in that niche this week and I am hoping that I would be able to sustain this new venture.

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