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Welcome to another round of Friday's 10 Happy Things where I jot down ten things that made me happy this week. Keeping this list gets easier every week. Click the image below this blog post if you wanna join us spread happy cheers all around. 

“I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness!” 

Here's my happy things this week: 

1.   It's Design Deals Week - all featured designs can be yours with 30% discount. View all design deals here

2.   I won 3rd place in the recently concluded #MerrySMChristmas and Nuffnang PH Blogger Contest.  It would have been better if I snagged the first placer deserved her win. You could really tell that she put a lot of effort and time to come up with her entry. She also visited several SM malls to take pictures. Besides, the Php10,000 shopping spree prize I got ain't really that bad right?

3.   I finally figured out how to create .gif images using Adobe Photoshop's Timeline. I have been looking for Animation under the windows tab but I couldn't find it anymore so I gave in to Google which eventually solved by problem.

4.  Orly Soulmate. I love this nail polish shade. I haven't used red for quite some time so it is a welcome treat to paint my nails red again. 

5.   Lengthy talks with my hubby while they are anchored in South Korea. I am not sure if they will go back to Guam again or maybe head to Australia. 

6.   I watch mainstream TV shows and some of them I am quite shy to admit. Hahaha! But yes, I watch 90-Day Fiance aired on TLC. The show features six couples hoping to get married before the K-1 visa if the foreign partner expires. Oh and yes, for this season the Filipina is way too young, just 19 years old, and her fiancé is 58 years old. I gave her the benefit of the doubt when the season started but the show painted the guy to be nothing to be desired of and so now I am thinking that she's only in it for the green card. Next week will be the season finale and the Tell All. 
7.   Churros from Army Navy. Yum-oh! And of course, their Fearless Fried Chicken. 

8.   Playtime with Summer. I love every moment spent with her.

9.   Baked bacon. OMG! You all should stop frying your bacon. Bake it! 

10. This commercial for a supermarket. Sad and happy at the same time.Sad because I will be spending my Christmas away from my family and hubby but happy because I know that we will all be together again in a few months to celebrate Summer's birthday. 

That sums up my happy list this week. Do you list down things that made you happy too? Do share, I would love to know.

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