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This is a super late post.

It's been almost two months since we arrived home from Denmark. It's the longest I have been out of the country so far and arguably the best vacation I have ever had. We've also made time to go to Sweden and Germany and I will write a separate blog post for our time there. I love Denmark and I shared about the 10 things I love about Denmark here.

We really enjoyed our family vacation and we can't wait to go back. I actually foresee several more trips in the future and we might even live there when Summer starts school so she can learn Dansk. We have not really cemented any plans yet. It's almost a guarantee though because my husband's family lives there and our little one is a Danish passport holder. I've personally considered living there but I won't know if I can manage uprooting myself from the Philippines completely while the hubby works overseas most of the time. I guess my fear stems from the fact that I do not know how to speak the language yet.

This photo was taken outside the Frederiksborg Castle. Frederiksborg Castle is situated in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen. It is where we lived most of our vacation time. The castle is renaissance style and was built in the early 17th century by the legendary Danish King Christian IV. The craftsmanship is truly impressive. You can tour the Museum of National History as well as the undeniably beautiful church inside the castle for only DKK90 (adults).

We spent most of our time visiting family, hiking the forests around lakes and enjoying the Danish outdoors, stuffing myself silly with Danish food (fresh produce are always the best), among others. I have also enjoyed our road trips so much.

We left Denmark just around the time when the leaves were turning. I loved how the autumn colors started blanketing gardens and trees. This year, autumn was a quick show because it already started snowing a couple of weeks ago. Oh Mother Nature, you are such a tease!

This photo was taken a few days before our vacation ended - from one of our last hikes.

Autumn crocus started appearing in the gardens. I actually initially didn't know that crocus has a variety that grows during autumn. I thought that nature has gone awry when I saw this bunch because I thought they only come out in the spring but I was wrong.

Blåvand Strand - the wind was perfect for kite flying seems like. I didn't want to try because I felt like the kite will carry me away.

Yes, it was also very chilly.

This photo was taken around 8PM and the sun was just setting.

Another day, another basket full of beautiful stones and shells.

We loved walking along the shore.

These are bunker horses between Blåvand and Skallingen in Jutland. These were used during World War II.

Kultorvet in Copenhagen. This is one of my favorite spots near Strøget - a perfect place to rest tired legs/feet after a day of shopping. I just love the vibe here and my favorite thing to do here aside from rest is to people watch.

Hermitage Hunting Lodge inside the Deer Park. This building was built by architect Lauritz de Thurah in Baroque style during King Christian VI's reign. The castle is only open for guided tours.

Pretty bicycles. I want one for myself.

I scream for ice cream. Even if the weather wasn't perfect for eating ice cream, I still had one every chance I get. Hahaha! I love Danish "soft is" - a little bit expensive at DKK20-30 for a medium serve but it's worth every kroner I guess.

By the Esrum Sø (Lake).

It's amazing how clear the water is. I wish lakes in the Philippines look like this as well.

A quaint outdoor cafe just outside the Fredensborg Castle. Danes love to stay outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Roses near the Frederiksborg Castle on the way to the town square. The rose bushes were so tall they were almost taller than the trees in the area.

Lake kayaking or canoeing in Esrum Sø.

I hope you enjoy the photos I included in this blog post. I have yet to organize the rest of the photos I took and I hope I can find time to write another blog post about our trip to Sweden and Germany as well.

Maybe these 10 things would make you more interested to include Denmark in your Europe travel itinerary soon? 


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