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“Look at the sparrows; they do not know what they will do in the next moment. Let us literally live from moment to moment.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Here are my happy things this week: 

1.   Steady stream of design work for KT Paper Designs. I'm loving it! 

2.   I paid $1 for a year's webhosting and set-up. Yes, only a dollar! Blogelina's $1 Blog Set-Up I will be launching the blog soon maybe in a month or two. I plan to have enough content in the blog (somewhere between 10-15 posts) before launching it so it won't look rushed. I'm still in the process of fixing the different pages, installing plug-ins as well as tweaking a little bit of the theme. I'm still getting used to the Wordpress interface and I think I know a bit why most of the bloggers I know choose the platform. 

3.   My blog header has been updated again. If you are reading this and you want your blog header or logo updated, please let me know. I'll be more than happy to work with you. 

4.   Mini Melissa shoes. I don't plan to hoard but looks like the little one will have more shoes than me soon. Haha! 

5.  We met up with our architect and contractor and looks like we will start with the construction of our house before the year ends or early next year. We will finally be homeowners! 

6.   I was able to secure a slot in a blog workshop organized by Martine De Luna of Make It Blissful. I'm looking forward to it. 

7.   Netflix! I love watching documentaries about chefs and cooking and murders. Odd!

8.   I discovered another website the offers design bundles. If you love fonts and illustrations and basically anything about design, check out Dealjumbo. If you sign-up for their newsletter, you will get free design items in every newsletter as well. So much win! 

9.   I now have an organized desktop. DOWNLOAD my organizer for free (size: 1280px x800px)

10. Summer learned a very endearing action this week. When you say "Hay naku!" she will put her palm on her cheek and tilt her head a little bit. Ahhh, this little kid is something. I love her to bits! 

That sums up my happy list this week. Do you list down things that made you happy too? Do share, I would love to know.

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