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It's time for The Sunday Currently again and today is valentines day. We don't have any big plans as of the moment but my sister suggested that we have dinner in a restaurant. I'm not sure if I am keen on going out but let's see how things go before the day ends.

I am currently...

reading the label of the aromatherapy oil that my mom swears by. I've tried it on my dry skin and it seems to work. I'll continue to use it and hopefully my dry skin patches recovers.

writing titles for my blog posts for the remaining days of the quarter. I find it a little difficult to stay on schedule sometimes. #bloggerproblems

listening to the Finger Family Song on repeat. It's my daughter's current favorite song. She likes loves it.

thinking of selling my daughter's preloved clothes but my sister is discouraging me because we might have another baby girl in the family in the future.

smelling the lechon paksiw (roasted pork leftovers cooked with vinegar and other spices) that my dad is cooking for lunch. Yum yum!

wishing to visit my grandma (mom's side) before we go back to Manila on Wednesday. We lost our grandpa last year and I wasn't able to go home to attend his funeral and I know how difficult it is for my grandma to live alone.

hoping to decide pronto whether to cut my hair or not. I'm kind of torn until now. I want to keep my long locks but my hair fall is bothering me so much.

wearing a dress and a messy chignon.

loving hubby's valentine's day surprise. He gave me a can of hot and spicy tuna because he said I will forever be hot and spicy for him. Hahaha! Of course, he didn't forget the roses and chocolates.

wanting to hydrate more. My current goal is to drink at least 4 liters of water daily but so far I am unsuccessful. I've read somewhere that it is one way to shed some pounds so I am trying it because it seems easy enough.

needing to update my expense tracker. I have to make it a habit so I can manage our finances better. I also feel the need to reunite with my calligraphy tools before my hand muscles forget the strokes.

feeling so much love. I feel so lucky that I married my husband and of course I am such a lucky mom to Summer as well.

clicking through the blogs I follow. I am planning to write a blog post and feature at least 5 and share to you, my dear readers.

How's your Sunday going? If you have a blog and you want to let us in your Sunday, join us. Here's my old archive of The Sunday Currently. If you want to join us, click here or here

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