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It's the first Sunday since we got back from our short trip to my hometown to celebrate Summer's first birthday. The husband left for Denmark yesterday for some work-related trainings and will be back again in a couple of weeks until he gets his new ship assignment. Our house seems incompleted without him but as it is life has to move on. I guess we all just need to get use to this set-up until he decides to retire from sailing the seven seas.

I am currently...

reading the VFS website again because my uncle will be travelling with us to Denmark and it will be his first time to apply for a Schengen visa. I promised to send him a step-by-step guide so he can accomplish his documents before we lodge our application. I am quite sure that my visa will be approved because this will be the third time that I will apply but of course I can't be too sure.

writing client information in the waybill forms for the items that I will have the courier pick up tomorrow.

listening to the #PiliPinasDebates2016. It was more like a talk show than a debate though.

thinking of investing in a mutual fund but I am scared of the economic risk especially that the national election is just around the corner. Maybe I will wait it out until the election is over.

smelling the scent of my lounge dress washed with fabric conditioner. LOL!

wishing to finish the wedding invitation that I am currently working on. It's black and white with bouquets of peony. I'm loving this project a lot. CHECK IT OUT HERE

hoping to attend the #Blogopolis4D next week. I sure do hope so. I hope I can bring Summer to the event so I don't have to worry who will take care of her in case I decide to leave her at home.

wearing my ultra-comfortable house dress.

loving the newly released products of The Happy Organics. #NEWIN

wanting to continue with my "hydration challenge" which I mentioned last week. I've only reached my goal twice this week and I hope I improve next week. Way to go!

needing to organize my design files because I sometimes take a little bit of time searching for a specific file.

feeling so excited to attend the Write Blissfully workshop organized by Martine De Luna.

clicking through blogs to get some inspiration for the future content of this blog and the new one that I am setting up for Wordpress. I will share the link soon. I still haven't decided if I will move to just one blog or maintain both though.

If you have a blog and you want to let us in your Sunday, join us. Here's my old archive of The Sunday Currently. If you want to join us, click here or here.

Happy Sunday!

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