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One of my mom's favorite chicken recipe, as far as I know, is the salt-crusted chicken. Plain and simple, nothing fancy, but oozing with incredible flavor and wonderful result. I have never tried making it because I am scared that I would fail but I am giving this a go this fine Thursday of April. This is a big challenge at hand but you see I am a bit competitive and I seldom say no to any challenge. I've shared easy recipes in the past here on my blog and I am positive that this recipe that I am going to share today is the most complex considering the cooking technique involved.

I'm usually drawn towards easy peasy recipes but I'm in the mood for something new and the opportunity to add a timeless and delicious recipe in my recipe book is too hard to pass up. It's also the perfect timing to try this while the husband is not home so if in case I fail, I won't serve him a D-rated recipe. After all, one can never learn unless one tries and I am determined to make this a success.

Today, I am going to share my mom's recipe but I am going to tweak it to suit my taste buds. Her recipe is fantastic as it is but I want to take it a notch higher. Go big or go home!

SALT-CRUSTED CHICKEN - a chicken that is wrapped in a mixture of salt and flour before it's baked in the oven. The salt-crusting technique is something that I've long wanted to try but never had the chance because the thought of wrapping up a chicken in a salty dough intimidates me s much.

As much as I want to wow my family, I wanted to challenge myself to make this first attempt a huge success - breaking the salt crust open with a meat mallet or the back of a knife (or anything you can get your hands on in anticipation) to reveal the perfectly cooked chicken happily nested inside never fails to provide a little entertainment at the dining table and might even elicit a few gasps and squeals and even applause. If you want to impress your future mother-in-law, your husband/wife, your friends, I guess this is the recipe to try. Because why not?

If you want to keep a copy of this recipe, I created a high resolution version so please feel free to click the photo below and download. This recipe yields about 4-5 servings and costs around Php70 each. 
For this recipe, I used Magnolia Whole Chicken (about 2 kilos), Magnolia Butterlicious for the Herb Butter, and Magnolia All-Purpose Flour for the salt crust. The result is unbelievably outstanding. I'm in awe myself! You gotta try this dish!

Here's a video of the whole process on how to prepare this dish - incuding how to make the herb butter: (video available in HD)

Would you accept the challenge and try to make this dish as well? Let me know by leaving a comment below. I would love to know how you will feel when you experience the cracking of the crust. This masarap, masustansya at kayang-kaya recipe is one for the books and a definite must try.

Oddly enough, this unusual cooking method does not leave food salty - indeed, you may still want to add salt at the table. The method, which comes from the ancient Chinese, is simply a means of preparing poultry, game, fish and meat evenly and with little loss of moisture. 

The theory behind certain types of salt cooking is that heat and moisture are trapped under a hermetic crust, forcing seasoning to permeate the food rather than allowing them to escape, as can happen in broiling and sauteing. -The New York Times

When we eat chicken (or duck), we don't carve it. I prefer to just serve the whole chicken so everyone gets their chance to partake of the dish and maybe even flip a coin and the winner gets the honor to eat the first slice. A little bit of family fun right there! This may be the first time that I am personally making this but for sure it won't be the last one.
Don't forget to download and save the recipe pdf file above!

DISCLOSURE: This is my entry to the NuffnangPH and Bloggers Love Chicken Blog Contest. As usual, all thoughts, opinions as well as suggestions mentioned in this post are entirely my own. I bought the featured products (Magnolia Fresh Chicken, Magnolia All-Purpose Flour, and Magnolia Butterlicious) using my own money and were not provided in whole or in part by the product/brand mentioned. 

Enjoy the recipe and let me know if you have any question! 

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