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I really love how active the Danish Embassy is here in the Philippines. Although I was not able to watch any of the movies shown during the Danish Film Festival, I am stoked that another event is brewing on the horizon in line with the celebration of 70 years of Diplomatic Relations.
#DanishDays is a gathering of many things that Denmark is known for. I am quite sure that you have heard about Danish design and there's a little thing or two that is Danish in your homes. If you want to try and build some LEGO bricks, see how wind turbines are made, try out some Danish shoes or admire the craftmanship on some Danish jewellery then head on over to SM Aura Premier from October 13-16.

I would personally love to check out the booth for Nova Nordisk and thank them for saving my life when I had to inject insulin when I had gestational diabetes while carrying my little Dane inside me. Oh and of course check out the Danish kitchenware - Bodum and Scanpan. I've been praying for the longest time that Royal Copenhagen will consider opening up a store here in the Philippines and I hope they will in the future so I don't have to stuff my luggage with precious porcelain everytime we travel from Denmark. You can also read about the 10 Things I Love About Denmark in a blog I wrote last year.

Join the event and get to taste/smell/touch/experience what Denmark has to offer! See you there!

While we are talking about Denmark, I would like to invite you as well to visit the guest post I wrote over at the Two Monkeys Travel Group Blog - 10 Things I Learned From My Danish Husband.

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