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Hello! What's going on? I've a few updates about what I have been doing lately. I posted the photo of Nyhavn in my Instagram a couple of days ago because I suddenly got melancholic after attending the European Higher Education Fair. I was able to talk to a few Europeans as well as students who studied in different universities in the region. I'm also in the process of writing another article to contribute to a travel blog and it will be my third submission already so that means if it will be approved then I will be an official contributor. I plan to write a blog post about what led me to try my luck and submit a guest post to that website once my third article will be approved. For now, let me share to you my Sunday, currently...

I am currently...

reading this website - I know you will ask why I am reading this. Well, it pays to read and so when I have some spare time, I read whatever is available. TRIVIA: thrombocyte is also known as platelet and it takes about 9-10 days for platelets to circulate in the blood stream. Visit the site to learn more about the function of thrombocyte in our human body.

writing my third guest post contribution to the travel blog.

listening to my daughter's random babbling while playing with her Lego blocks.

thinking of buying a legit vlogging camera so we can upload better quality videos. Any suggestions?

smelling the scent Tropical Blast from our Favori Scents leaf aerator. The smell is just divine. My uncle won it in an Instagram contest and he was sent a pink aerator so he gave it to me. Hehehe!

watching the Youtube video I uploaded a couple of days ago. It's been quite a while since I last used iMovie in my Macbook to edit videos and it feels like I am back in square 1 again. This video is just a compilation of some of the videos during our summer vacation to Denmark. While you're at it, please give the video a thumbs up or subscribe to our channel.

wishing to finally finish my Christmas shopping gift list before our trip to my parents' province.

hoping to lose a few more pounds before my husband comes back home next month. I'm also seriously contemplating of trying the DASH diet. Have you heard about it?

wearing my husband's old but comfortable shirt and my PJ's.

loving the project I recently started with my daughter.

wanting to nap right about now!

needing to meet with our realtor so I can get answers to my questions about the title of the lot we purchased. They're just not reliable over email and when I call, I get passed around to different individuals. Sigh!

feeling sluggish. I think I need to get out of the couch and get some walking done later this afternoon.

clicking through some of the Instagram feeds that I am following.

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Happy Sunday!

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